Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tonight's the Night!!!

The very first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block waaaaay back when. Guess what- they are touring (again) with 98 Degrees AND Boys 2 Men. WHAT?!?!? My oldest childhood friend and I are headed out there this evening to eat our hearts out at our teenage crushes.

Cannot. Wait.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Camps!

In order to coordinate all the schedules this summer and make sure Georgia had a blast while I'm working full time (......) I scheduled out back to back summer camps for her. Last week she had so much fun at Westside Tennis Club. They played, had animal experience, ate and swam. At the end of day one she said, "Mom, they wore me out!" ummm perfect! ;)

This week her sweet Kinder teacher is hosting a cooking camp at her home. Georgia is stoked to see her old pals again and loved it yesterday. After camp the lucky lady lunched at Ruggles and then was treated to a Build A Bear trip followed by swimming and tent making. Oh the life of a 6 year old...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Quick post in honor of Father's Day for my Dad.

A guy I have put through complete misery while in high school, college and well, honestly I have to say it isn't like I'm rebelling anymore but for some reason I still need him around to help pick up the pieces on a fairly regular basis. Sorry Dad, but thanks....I'm trying to get better. (Seriously though- who else should I call when everything blows up in my face, or when I attempt my own home improvements and they go massively wrong)

Time and time again he covers for me and gets me out of unexpected situations...or quite possibly the situations are absolutely expected I have just chosen (once again) to not listen.

Last year we lost my grandfather (my dad's dad) a wonderful man that raised my Dad and taught him how to be a father. A month later we found out my Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I suppose the reality of something happening to someone you love & depend on for so much makes you sit back and think.

Well, I thought. My conclusion is Thank God he is now cancer free now because really it was his only option. I would probably self-combust without the guy. Definitely not ashamed to say I still need my Daddy around.

(also if you happen to be reading this there is a dead insect in my house and I need you to come by and pick it up for me at your convenience)

Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 10, 2013

An Interview with Georgia

A mother in my mom's group found a "Toddler Interview" questionnaire and we all thought it would be fun to do with our kids regardless of their ages. Here is Georgia's- the first one is a blooper- you have to catch her face at the end when I ask her how old she is and she answers "Six" then quickly realizes she gave the wrong age (we recorded this about a week before her 6th birthday- she was still 5) My camera kept running out of space so it cut off right then.

My other favorite part is in the "real" Interview (the second video) when asked what she did today her response, "Well, I went to school, went to the was quite a good day." Bhahaha- who talks like that? Hilarious!

She is also about to die to go to Build a Bear since they came out with the limited edition of the My Little Pony stuffed animals...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a Wrap!

Georgia- Here we are. The last day of Kindergarten. Where, oh where, has the time gone? (oh yes, once again a reference to my all time favorite question) I was right when I said on the first day of school that you would be fine. You were. This year, just as you have every year of your life, you have grown into an even more amazing child. I once thought the biggest change was from 2 years old to 3 years old. I have to say this year pretty much comes in as a close second. You have left behind all things "baby" and "toddler" and you are now officially a little girl, a young lady- you are 6 years old and I guess I've said it before but I did not quite realize what a change this year, and this age, would bring.

In some ways it's the little things- I can't really remember the last time you gave me any trouble at all about going to bed. Boy do I remember those days of putting you to bed, over and over and over again until I thought I might scream! I knew back then those days would pass, and they have. (don't tell anyone but I kind of miss them- shhhh!) In this moment I appreciate that you still really look up to me as your number one. I sure hope that is one that does not change. Ever. We still hold hands in the parking lot, crossing streets, in the mall, at the store- strollers are gone forever (you know, except when Mom gets crazy and runs with you in the jogger).

You don't really fit in the shopping cart at the grocery store anymore, another change. This brings me back to remembering when I first sat you in the grocery cart when you were barely able to sit! I was SO tired of carrying around your car seat carrier and no one was able to see your beautiful outfits when you were all buckled in anyway. As soon as you were able to "sit" I would bring a small "georgia" size boppy (you were still prone to tipping over) I would wipe down the cart with sanitizing wipes, then cover it with our massive cart cover, then you were propped in. Everyone, of course, thought you were the most precious little thing in the world and you would just eat it up- smiling and cooing away! You still ask to ride in the cart, and I still put you in on occasion but honestly, I can't pull you out- your legs are too long and you get stuck. So you have to climb out on your own. It resembles a circus act and it's really getting to be a bit much...

You see- Turning 6 which co-insides with you graduating Kindergarten seems to be the end of a lot of things that we have done for six years now. You are swimming on your own. Seriously, the very first year I don't have to get in the water with you. No floaties, No life jackets. I wasn't so sure when we first jumped in together this summer and you clung to me like a little monkey again...then a week later at a pool party I was talking with some other mother's and you wanted to go down the BIG slide your friends were on that landed in 6 feet of water so I told you how deep the water was and showed you how far you would have to swim to get to the ladder. You said, "Okay, I can do it!" I stood on the side ready to jump in and told the life guard to keep an eye out. Down you went! Guess who swam like a little fish all the way to the ladder with no problem at all? Yep- you. I think your sweet friend Hallie on the side lines cheering you on helped you out as well! ;)

You are bathing yourself (I still like to do the hair portion of your bath but I try to restrain myself and let you do it). Brushing your own teeth, dressing yourself, we are so SO close to you tying your own shoes- you CAN do it, you just take more time than we normally have in the mornings. As far as eating goes.. well, I guess I've almost just let that one go. Some days you finish your ENTIRE plate, others you will take two bites. I'm trying very hard to stop feeding you bites of food. I have to say I'm slowly becoming better at this. You had your first sleep over at friend's houses and play dates sans Mom this year. You finally REALLY took to soccer and scored quite a few goals. You loved your dance classes and you make up your own dances to music all.the.time. at home. I love it. I get to watch a million private performances a week- How lucky am I?

You have always been but you continue to be a very sweet and caring girl. You are really funny and you say things sometimes that truly crack me up. Yesterday morning on the way to school you asked me, "Mom, when was Cinderella made?" I told you I wasn't sure but a long time ago, probably when Memaw was a little girl and your reply, "Oh wow so like in the 1980's? That was SO long ago!" I have to laugh so hard at that- the 1980's really were not so long ago my girl! You are smart and witty and you have a pretty good attitude on you as well. ;) One thing your Kinder teacher has repeatedly told me about you this year is that you truly have a good heart- you see kindness and have empathy for everyone.

Things that have stopped that I don't miss at all- the all out fits. You know the ones, complete with endless crying. I am almost 100% positive your Kinder teacher Mrs. Robbie had a LOT to do with helping me out on that one.

I carry you up the stairs on the occasion you fall asleep in the car on the way home from dinner and look in the mirror (as seen below). Who is that child in my arms whose feet dangle past my knees? Where did my snugly little baby dissapear to? Little by little I'm letting go and letting you grow up and be you. I'm so proud to be your Mom. I love hearing the stories Mrs. Robbie tells me of you in class or the things your friend's parents share with me about you when I'm not around. You are a pretty awesome kid. You are the star of your own life and I'm oh so happy God chose me to be your Mom. There isn't one moment of this I would have traded for anything. You've made me a better person and I pray every day that I'm returning the favor.

Now that you have conquered Kindergarten, it's onto our next great adventure and I cannot wait!

Love you more,

Monday, June 3, 2013

All too soon

So much to catch up on- I promise one day soon I will have a free moment to do so. Mother's Day, Georgia's Dance Recital, Last Soccer Game, Kindergarten Graduation, etc.

For now just a moment to remember these nights of carrying my sleeping girl upstairs will be gone all too soon....

Georgia, I miss these moments all ready.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Georgia Turns 6 and We Party, Party, Party!

When May hit Georgia said to me, "Mom! It's May! It's my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!" In our household that means it's time to CeLeBrAtE and Celebrate we did!

Where to begin? The first birthday celebration was at my Mom's house on Mother's day. Georgia's cousin is 2 weeks older so we had a joint family birthday celebration complete with a cake made by my mom that was 1/2 Sonic (Eli's favorite) and 1/2 My Little Pony (Georgia's favorite) all the way down to G's side being chocolate and E's side vanilla. Presents, cake, swimming! Fun!

Randomly enough a lot of our neighbors share the same May birthday, one of them shares it down the day, year, hospital and similar birth story. I had the girls over and we had cupcakes and ice cream and sang "Happy Birthday" to the Bday crew the day before G's big day.

That evening we went to a special Birthday Dinner with Memaw & Papa and did presents with them that night.

The BIG day arrived!!! Georgia woke up to "Get Your Sparkle On" (a Barbie movie song and also her jazz routine song from her dance recital) blaring from the hallway. When she opened her door she then had to bust out of her room due to the streamers I hung the night before blocking her in. She is not a morning person but she was pretty excited!

We went downstairs where I had her "Birthday Table" set and a pink iced do-nut with rainbow sprinkles ready to go and she was once again serenaded "Happy Birthday". I have to say one of the best things about being a Mom is being able to take a step back and look at the world through their eyes. Don't you remember the excitement of your own birthday growing up? I love to see that look on her face.

Then she was off for her BIG day- kinda. We were a little late to school so she had JUST missed her name being called out on the PA for her birthday. Oops. She was ready to go with her Birthday Princess pin and everyone was very excited! Memaw took her a special birthday lunch and ate with her in the cafeteria then I went up at the end of the day with ice cream cups per Miss G's request for the class.

Whew! Okay- we still aren't finished.....

Georgia picked The Aquarium for dinner that night and we took her friend Kendall with us for dinner and rides after. There were a lot of prom groups eating dinner before the dance and the girls went nuts running up to each and every girl letting them know how beautiful they looked and how pretty their dress was. It was completely endearing. Oh yeah, more cake, ice cream and singing here as well. ;)

Party Day! The Luau Party was a smashing success. (Was there any other option???) I think I had mentioned she wanted a party at Sky High Sports which would have been so much fun but in May all I can think about is how HOT it is. After a bit of discussion Georgia decided she wanted a pool party at Westside Tennis Club instead. Fine by me! We settled on a "Luau Flamingo" party.

We had a cap of 20 kids so of course I invited over 35 children and families then slowly freaked out prior to the big day when the RSVP's were rolling in. Whoops.

The big day arrived and it was pretty overcast. I was terrified it might rain at any moment but it ended up being perfect. My mom and Memaw helped me set up all the decor- a big "Thank you" to Busy Chick Planning for the invitations, water bottle labels, banners and toppers. They were adorable.

The cake was better than I could have imagined. Margeaux at Seaux Sweet did the cake off a picture I sent from Pinterest. The first time EVER I have sent a photo and the cake I received looked BETTER than the picture I sent! Not only that- it was absolutely delicious. She delivers as well which makes it so much easier!

The clouds provided great coverage from the sun and it was not too terribly hot for the adults if you weren't in the pool. The kids went swimming, then we had pizza, cake and ice cream. It was a really fun bday party and probably one of my favorites for Georgia yet!

We gave Hoola Hoops as Party Favors (Thanks again Busy Chick for the favor tags!). Then we called it a day and headed home.

If you think it ends there you are so very wrong....

The next day we met Grandaddy (my dad) & Emmy at church then another special birthday lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Afterward Georgia and Emmy went to a little hair boutique where she picked out some beautiful hair clips as a gift. The big deal for the day was that Georgia was allowed to ride in Granddady's cool (mid-life crisis) convertible from church to the restaurant and then back to his house. Excitement overload! So cool! We ate, we shopped then back at Grandaddy's we had an amazing cake from 'Nothing Bundt Cakes' soooo delicious! I'm addicted. There Georgia opened another gift of (gasp!) Oxi Clean!!!! She was thrilled! I would explain but this post is long enough all ready so I will circle back later....

That evening we stopped by two Memorial Day Parties then finished out the weekend swimming at the club with friends on Monday. Big weekend, Bigger Month. Like mother like daughter- we both extract as much fun as possible during our "Month".