Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fast Forward to First Grade

Dear Georgia,
I really feel as though life has fast forwarded us to first grade. As we prepped for the first day of school I almost felt like we were in the twilight zone in a way. Really? First Grade? There wasn't any nervousness about starting the new school year. It was kinda business as usual. (except for the fact I think it's completely strange you are in first grade and I can't get use to the idea you are 6 years old going on 6 and a half going on 7) We shopped for school clothes, we bought groceries for lunches, we read "The Night Before First Grade", we said prayers at bed time and you were in bed right at 8pm.

I kinda planned all this out years ago when I made the move to where we are now. I knew you would make friends and keep those friends from year to year. I knew it would be important to stay in the same "system" from start to finish. It's why we are where we are. It's why if all continues as planned you will graduate with the majority of kids you met on the first day of Kindergarten last year. You will continue to see familiar faces on the first day of school not only with your classmates but with the teachers as well. So in a way this year felt strange. For the first time nothing momentous was occurring except for the fact you are another year older and entering a new grade level in school. Wow..... breathe. And here we are.

I woke you up on the first day and you had your outfit planned out exactly. You had picked out a pink blazer while we were clothes shopping that you fell in love with and were dying to wear on the first day. To be honest- I did not buy the blazer that day. I'm always a sucker for those purchases and then you never wear them. (I cannot tell you how many adorable jackets, vests, etc. we have hanging in your closet you have worn for 2.5 seconds) After our shopping spree this blazer was all you could talk about for your first day of school outfit...wait I'm sorry "look". You even mentioned it to your teacher when we met her prior to school beginning you were going to wear it on the first day....regardless that it's still topping 100 degrees around here. Whoops on Mommy's part. Needless to say I ran back and purchased said blazer so you could have your moment.

So you dressed and I was watching as you stood in front of the big mirror in my bedroom and put on the prized blazer and buttoned it up. The look of pride on your face was absolutely priceless. That little jacket was worth every penny even if you only wear it that one day. I truly hope you never loose one little ounce of your self confidence my dear. You. are. amazing.

We ran down stairs ate and packed up then headed out for the big day. You played along and let me do my millions of photos. Of course I had set my camera out the night before but did not check the battery....still kicking myself for that. So phone photos had to make do. We arrived at school and were greeting by your friends and their parents. We saw your new teacher, found your desk, took more pictures, more hugs, more kisses. I tried to linger and then you said, "Okay Mom, you can go now."

huh? I can "go now?"
Wait...and since when am I "Mom"?
Seriously Georgia?

I took a deep breath- gave you one last hug and told you to have a great day! Then we left. I was really okay until this point- I wasn't going to cry on your first day of first grade but something about you being absolutely okay made me a little teary. You know, because it's better if you aren't okay or something like that......I'm kidding.

I picked you up and you had an awesome first day. I mean.... I guess you did.

You ate lunch with Hallie
(just like you did every day last year)
which is as much as I got out of you
(just like last year).

I was told I ask you too many questions and in case you forget my response was:
"You know might get irritated and not answer one of my questions and roll your eyes every day when I ask but I'm going to keep asking because I think one day you are going to realize not every parent cares what their child does at school. I do. I really want to know. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to- but basically I'm not going to quit asking you every. single. day of your life because I love you, I'm interested in what you do when I'm not around. I'm interested in you. So sorry- your stuck with it."

See- here we are. ;)

Love you more,
(Not committing to the "Mom" thing yet.)

(Oh yeah, you kept your blazer on all day long in the heat. You were committed to your "look" way to go my mini- fashionista)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrapping up Summer

Where to even begin?!

Run, Run, Run (Physically and Literally) is what I've been doing lately...

Two weekends ago I went to Austin to celebrate one of my best friend's entrance into her 30's. I have to say my gal pal's know how to entertain. We started off the weekend Friday night on the third floor of Steiner Ranch Steak House overlooking Lake Travis with a cocktail party. Saturday morning we hitched a right on the limo bus she had booked for the day and traveled into the hill country to test out some wineries. Such a great day with my best friends and celebrating Emily's birthday. I'm not sure if I can top these amazing 30th escapes my friends have had but luckily I have a couple more years to think up something. ;)

Back in town last week and work has become a fairly intense part of life these days. I have been taking full advantage of Houston Restaurant Weeks and so far have hit up Brassiere 19, Hearsay, Mr. Peeples, Bird and the Bear, Phillipe and Triniti. HRW is coming in as a close 3rd favorite Houston event (after the Nutcracker Market and Rodeo Cookoff of course)

Women of Wardrobe and Dress for Success were putting on a Nicole Miller trunk show at Tootsie's Wednesday and I stopped by for some delish bites from Corner Table, Armando's & Eddie V's. We sipped on Stack Wines while we shopped- have you seen these? Perfect for a party to toss in an ice chest, the beach, etc. I found them to be adorable! They said you can pick them up at World Market. Pretty sure I'll be stopping by there in the very near future...

Nicole Miller was making a personal appearance and I have always been fond of her designs. I'm embarrassed to say I had one of her dresses hanging in my closet with the tags still on it from a couple years back that I never got around to wearing. What a perfect opportunity! She was standing near by and said "I was just looking at your dress and thinking How Cute, I wonder who made it- then I realized it was me!" I was slightly star struck ;)  Her new fall line has some to-die-for pieces that I will be picking up soon. I'm really loving the leather/ rock vibe being played into this fall's look- it's something I would have normally stayed away from but it truly feels accessible to everyone this season.

Friday night was girl's night with some of my favorite Houstonites. We planned on going to Rosemont Social Club (the new venue above Uchi). My suggestion- skip it.... I suppose I may give it one more shot after dinner at Uchi some time but Friday night was not the night to be there. Not quite sure what was going on. We moved on (very quickly) to St. Genevieve on West Ave where we ran into some friends and had some provisions.

Bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday for Kristina's wedding (we were best friends in high school- miss that girl!) Such a great time with the wedding party and brunch afterward at one of my favorite brunching spots- The Bird and The Bear.

Outfit change and time to head to the Texan's game! My friend Michael was in town and had invited me to join him while he rooted on Miami. I donned my Red, White and Blue while he decked out in Teal and Orange. We had amazing seats (3rd row, 50 yard line) and met up with some of my friends at half time. It was a really great game- Texans win!!

Sunday Georgia and I rendezvoused as she came back from her dad's and we brunched at the new spot in the museum district- Lucille's. Y'all- I can't say enough about this place. I rarely go to a restaurant and want to order everything on the menu. Actually that NEVER happens.....except here. Everything looked amazing! Every dish was so different and creative. When our food arrived I really cannot explain to you how well the entire meal was put together and the taste of each dish was so different, yet perfect. It was really good. I cannot wait to go back.

A little back to school shopping for my mini-fashionista, a play date at the pool to meet some new friends and a Mommy/Daughter date to see Despicable Me 2 and we called it a night. 

 Lunch with Mom and Birthday Party
I have to say...these ladies are gorgeous!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Sweet Love

One day soon, too soon I do fear, Georgia will stop arriving for movie nights like this:
It's hard to describe... but my heart misses moments like these the very moment they happen. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hotel Zaza's Party In Pink

A little re-cap of Zaza's Party In Pink:

It's almost over...

I have to say, for once I'm kinda glad to see summer come to a close. This summer has been busy, hectic and non-stop. Georgia will be home for good on Sunday and our regular schedule will resume. I can't wait.

Time to prep for First Grade, new Ballet Classes, Hip Hop & Tap, Fall Soccer and everything in between. What will this year bring us? Only time will tell but I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing year

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best Burgers in the US

A girl can dream can't she?

I may just have to let the whole vegetarian things slide and put this on my bucket list to try each and every burger on the list. I mean one burger occasionally over the next 60 or so years isn't really cheating- right?