Monday, September 29, 2014

Feeling Like Fall

One of my most favorite traditions that has started is "Spoil Melanie Monday". Seriously should have thought of this myself long ago. Lucky for me someone else had the thought AND put into action. Pure brilliance. Today this arrived....
And I couldn't be happier. It's the last day of #HalfBirthdayMonth and a Monday. This gorgeous bouquet couldn't have been timed any better. Makes me think of  what's to come... :) Cannot wait. Xoxo

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kamen Wine Tasting

Par for the course on our usual hectic schedule I ended up last Thursday with several events to attend. I've been keeping it low key lately due to school starting and an insane schedule anyway but the very first event that popped up was a RCE 2nd Grade Mom's Mixer annnd one of my favorite "Mommy Friends" (um who are we kidding this gal and I would be friends regardless) homes. So I scheduled my mom (aka best grandma ever) to come over and watch Miss G + spend the night. She often comes over after work, but the drive down to good ole P-ville is a little much after 8pm so she stays and we have "girls night" and I wake up early and take advantage of another adult being in my home and go for a run.

After the Mixer was on the schedule seemed like the entire week filled up. The night before even had several things going on and I just couldn't swing them all but I did make the Dress for Success Marathon Kick off party (more on this later) and started my own team this year for the run!

Back to Thursday.... ;)
Mom Mixer, Wine Dinner, WOW Football Party & Veuve Event all landed in the same evening. I ended up being able to do 2 out of 4. Not bad odds. I ran by the Mom Mixer and caught up a bit with some of the ladies then I spun over to Tony's for the wine tasting.

Many times I agree to go to something and have no idea what I'm going to. This event was one of those- had a call from a friend that extended the invite to a wine dinner at Tony's. Um Sure- why not? I arrive ( per usual) and the owner of the winery is in mid story. I sneak over to my table (ha- there were mayyyybe 30 people in the room- not much "sneaking" done.) and I begin to listen. Turns out this guy is not just an owner of a winery. He is Robert Kamen. He wrote and directed "Taken", "Karate Kid", "The Transporter" just to name a few. Took the money from his very first screen play and bought the acreage that is now Kamen Wines. Pretty interesting.

Kamen Wine Dinner

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Norfolk based ships..."

Not the most comforting article I've read....

Two days post Michael's 26th Birthday he is engaged in this:
"Norfolk-based ships among U.S. forces striking ISIS, Khorasan Group in Syria"

Miss you, stay safe and come home soon.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Favorite Things....((again))

It has become a normal occurrence at the office these days for someone (me) to receive a giant vase of flowers on a fairly regular basis. My father has even wrote notes "This is really getting out of control" and taped them to the vase. All in good fun of course.. ;)

Today things were changed up a bit... Two packages arrived with my name from Amazon. They brought them into me and the comment was made, "Are you receiving boxed flowers now?"I was pretty confused as I opened the boxes thinking, "Umm I know I just ordered some things...but did I order everything? Is some stuff still in my cart? I swear I just got the shipping update it would be delivered on Saturday..."

Of course... My flowers have been "upgraded" to deliveries. Can't say I wasn't warned earlier in the day when I was asked, "What day is it today?" no idea. "It's Spoil Melanie Monday!"

I mean...If that's a "thing" I could get use to it.

We are just going to go ahead and make that a weekly holiday. We are 11 days out from my half birthday after all....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wait....has life slowed?

So I have to say. I think I FINALLY have it "together"....

Life isn't so crazy this year- so far. Second grade for Georgia is awesome so far and lucky me....I have my old schedule back and I am able to pick Georgia up from school every day again. :) Therefore we are able to get her homework done, dinner, some work out time for moi and we are wrapped and ready to go by bedtime. All the stars have aligned.

This year Georgia is taking ballet & tap classes, theater and gymnastics. We've nixed soccer for the fall. So far- she's in love with all activities. We decided to table the Houston Ballet Academy (although she did advance place...mommy brag here.... for the next level of classes) for a more laid back venue for her to attend with her gal pals. She wasn't really feeling it and I'd rather her enjoy her activities rather than push her into something that she just isn't into. We've given it our best shot and if she chooses next year to re-enroll then we will just audition again.

Although this fall is feeling way more comfortable than last year it is already speeding by. It continually blows my mind that we basically have every weekend planned from now until the end of the year. Cheer camps, trips, Thanksgiving & Christmas schedules/ plans are all ironed out and I completely shocked myself that I just ordered Georgia her first batch of Christmas presents. (who am I??) The fall decorations are up and the only thing remaining is that first sip of my Pumpkin Spice Latte that I'm holding out on. Soon.... (as soon as I'm able to immediately run 6 miles post consumption)

That, for now, wraps our current events. A fantastic adjustment from Summer to Fall thus far and much excitement for the rest of the year. I have a feeling ((Did I say this before)) it just may be the best yet.... Here. We. Go.