Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dear Georgia...

My sweet girl,
Here we are again...the end of ANOTHER school year. I will never be able to explain to you this sense of time speeding by me. You are 8. I truly cannot believe this day has come. I know I say this about all the days of your life and maybe one day you will understand. Becoming your Mom instantly taught me the importance of time.

Time that you never get back, time that you never get "enough" of, time that you never get to "re-do". I've said from the beginning- I always *knew* time was slipping away with you. From the moment you were born. Those moments would never come again. I recall thinking to myself "How is it that I will only get to experience this moment once in my life?! This child is so amazing, so precious! I could re-live THIS second forever." Lucky me that I get to.

I haven't been the best on catching up this year. I have plenty of pictures that you can see and recount the stories from our adventures but I haven't had time to "log" it all in here. I said this last year- I noticed a HUGE difference in you in 1st grade. You really changed and matured. This past year in 2nd grade, needless to say, this has occurred even more. Long gone are you "baby" days- no trace has been left. Wait, wait....there ARE your dimples, courtesy of moi ;). I look at you, and I promise, you won't ever understand this feeling until you have a child of your own, my mom use to tell me about it... My entire heart almost stops. I see SO much in you it amazes me. You grow taller every day it seems. I'm willing to bet you will be my height before you graduate from elementary. You still have arms and legs that go on for days just as the day you were born. So again, I suppose I re-count my statement...not all traces are gone of your "baby" days. Even as in infant you had the LONGEST legs, fingers, arms and toes. Nothing has changed there. The taller you grow, the longer your limbs grow.

You are funny. Your jokes- terrible. Sorry my dear. I'm working with you...maybe my fault that your jokes are so awful I laugh at them regardless. Who knows. Santa broke you a joke book. We need to continue reading up.... Regardless of your joke telling you are just funny. Your delivery on every day stuff is great. You make me laugh constantly. I'm constantly telling others of your anecdotes.

When you were in Kinder and 1st Grade I swear I never thought you would: (a) learn to read; or (b) find a love for reading. Oh how I worked with you! Finally you picked it up somewhat in 1st grade and still- reading was SUCH a huge part of my life... I truly have a love for reading and I wanted you to unlock that same passion. I knew once you did you would realize how amazing books are. They can take you amazing places and open you up to so many, many things. Reading is such an awesome tool to love. I'm not sure what happened. We will call it the "2nd Grade Summons" ;) You began to read. Sorry- you began to DEVOUR books this year! Gucci and I couldn't buy books fast enough! I would order off Amazon and you would open up and begin reading- by the time we would drive to dinner and finish eating you were finished with your book! Gucci would fill out your book orders and *bang* you read them all in a matter of days. If I had to rank "accomplishments" in you this year- Reading would top the list. I am so proud of you.

Your Imagination?!!? Second to none. Go take a look at your writing journals, your pictures you have drawn (all categorized and saved in your art room from preschool on) nothing new here but it continues. The stories you tell me in the car, the dreams you recant to me, the play scenes you act out. Every last bit of it.

You are the "leader" the "director". You know every move that should be made. At the annual square dancing at RCE you know EXACTLY what moves you and all your dance mates are suppose to make. I mean, after all, you guys do practice for weeks.... but boy are you angry when they make a mis-step!!! At your play- you whip your arms out and stop your other fireflies from going off the steps until the first line of fireflies has departed. Clearly- you know the rules ;P Someone running in the halls? You're going to cite the rules. I love this about you. I treasure this about you. Please, please, please continue to be a "rule follower".

All along the way I've never doubted for one minute being your Mom. It is the greatest thing I have ever done with my life and will always be. You have blessed my life in so many ways. If I make a million dollars and buy us a mansion nothing compares to you. I hope I am instilling in you all the morals and values I want to. I hope I am guiding you through life in the way God wants me to. I pray every night, you know this we pray together, that God protects, blesses and guides us every day for the rest of our lives. Every night I'm praying for guidance in being your Mom. I'm so very thankful God blessed me with this privilege.

We went to have mani's & pedi's recently.... an older lady was in the chair next to me and her daughter next to her. You were next to me. After awhile I realized the daughter was probably in her 20's, grown and had her own place. She and her mom had met up and did this regularly for manicures and to talk. I hope one day that is you and I. If not- I pray I have don't my job while you are young and although my voice isn't with you when you are older it's in your mind always reminding you of who you truly are.

Georgia you are amazing. You are and will be far greater than I ever will be. You were born to do great things and you will. You are fiercely loved by so many. Never, ever, ever doubt yourself. You are a child of God. As we have prayed every night since you were born, his protection and guidance are upon you always.

I love you more,