Sunday, October 4, 2015

Never have I ever...

Been so FAR BEHIND on this!!! For the record the photo above is when Lee asked me to marry him. One of the best days of my life. I am totally backtracking now that I have had a chance to catch my breath (lucky for you!). As we quickly approach our 2 month wedding anniversary I realize that I have YET to give a run down of everything that has occurred.

My apologies for not getting this in prior. It has been the most fantastic whirlwind of my life. I suppose we should start from the beginning- our engagement....May the fairy tale begin!

Once upon a time.... on a rainy Saturday in May Lee and I had plans to celebrate the end of school and the end of an EXTREMELY long sports season. Since the kids are on opposite schedules it isn't often we get a weekend alone. In fact, it only happens twice a year. This particular weekend was our first weekend alone of the year. The weekend before Lee took me shopping (this has quickly become his favorite past time..) to buy a new dress to wear out the upcoming weekend all under the ruse of our "end of season celebration". We found the perfect one and he set about to "surprise" me with where we were to eat. We ended up lucking out when the boy's mom couldn't keep them and we were able to have them through Saturday. :) Slight change of plans but we took them to Westside to swim that day and then dropped them off in the afternoon. We went to the gym after this and this is where things turned interesting.. While at the gym the sky turned black and it began to DOWNPOUR rain. I literally could not see out the windows. We became nervous thinking of another recent time it had down poured and flooded the streets...and my car. We knew we better make a run for it to get home without flooding out yet another vehicle.

We made our way home in Lee's porsche, which by the way- is NOT a good car to navigate flooded streets in. We were able to make it about 4 blocks away when we realized the car would not make it through the quickly rising water. We parked it and did what we have done before- made a run for it. 2 hours before we were to go to dinner we are running in thigh high water through the streets to get back to his house. Classic!

Once we got home we realized the power was out. I am still thinking we are going to dinner just to celebrate "end of the season" so I say, "We can just cancel...Let's do this another night." To which Lee replies, "No, go ahead and take a bath. I'll bring candles in so you can see. Hopefully the power will be on by the time you are finished and we can get dressed, go get the car and go to dinner." umm... okay. Sure enough- he was right. I bathed and began to get ready, the power magically was restored in perfect time. He called and pushed back our reservations from 7pm to 9pm and we were off!

When we pulled up to TABLE I began to wonder. TABLE is where we officially decided to become exclusive the year before on May 25. Here we were back again just slightly over a year later. I'll never forget Lee coming back from the bathroom during our first visit and nervously asking me if I wanted to be his "girlfriend". ;)

The restaurant was pretty empty due to the downpour earlier but a few tables were seated around us. We ate dinner then turned down dessert. Lee went to the restroom and I began to think, "Maybe I was wrong and he ISN'T proposing tonight..." He returned, sat down and then he turned to me and took my hands in his. He told me how much he loved me and what I meant to him in his life. Tears began to fill his eyes, and mine as well. What I meant to his boys and what Georgia meant to him. That he never thought he would ever find anyone that he wanted to commit his life to in this way but after being with me there wasn't a question or hesitation in his mind. He wanted me to be "his" and to be "mine". He said he loved me more every day- that there was something about me that he could never place that drove him crazy and made him so in love with me. Then he pulled out a ring- he got down on one knee, "Melanie, Will you marry me and be my wife and spend forever with me?"

Of course I said "Yes!"

He put the most gorgeous cushion cut diamond in the most perfect setting on my finger and kissed me. We wiped a few tears off our faces and I couldn't stop smiling. A few of the tables had noticed what had just happened and congratulated us. The manager came by with Champagne and we toasted to our engagement. :)

Little did I know from this moment on I would plan a whirlwind wedding and be "Mrs. Loyd" by the end of summer.

Stay tuned for the rest.... If you are a true believer in things that are "meant to be" in the next few posts you will see, as I did, almost everything about our wedding and Lee and I together is "meant to be" there just isn't another explanation. You'll see.... ;)


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