Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost that time....

So the list of presents keeps growing for Georgia... Why do all the stores have to have these gimmicks? Buy one get one half off of all Barbie AND Princess items? Seriously? And they are everywhere! Target and Toys R Us both had the same deal.

Georgia wanted that elusive Barbie Case which was found at Target and by golly if I'm going to pay $50 for some silly Barbie case I was definitely going to pick out at least a $30 Barbie toy to receive my "buy one get one 1/2 off"

Well that was all great...except Target was sold out of the Barbie case but they had the "exclusively to Target" Barbie Perfect Christmas set. You know Georgia loves that movie....and you know I'm a sucker. I really DID debate on it... I mean what is the point of opening a CHRISTMAS toy on CHRISTMAS?? Right? That thing was $50 as well and while our little Elf on the shelf, "Elfie" is a more generous elf and has been known to bring Georgia entire new wardrobes in his down time. (okay really it was just 5 new outfits and 2 new pairs of boots.....but she needed the new boots anyway and it was more fun to say the elf brought her magical new clothes from the North Pole!) and he just might have wanted Georgia to get out of the bath tub without a struggle and provided [insert gasp here] Brand New From the North Pole Christmas Pajamas and maybe he did dress her Bitty Doll in a matching pair all while she was in the bath tub. So what. He is not springing for the $50 Barbie gift set to give her prior to Christmas morning. That would be going overboard. I don't care if he has confused Chahnakuh with Christmas or not.

I I ended up with the Perfect Christmas gift set along with some crummy Barbie toy that was totally not needed but cute- Hair Salon Barbie or something. My grandparents are both Barbers so kinda goes with the family theme right?

Off to Toys R Us where lo' and behold they are having the SAME deal- Buy one get one half off on Barbies and here's the kicker.... you get a FREE roller Barbie suitcase if you spend $100! Do you even know how much Barbie crap you have to purchase to hit $100? Especially when they are buy one get one half off? Let me give you the run down on G's list- Barbie Princess Charm School Barbie Case, Barbie and Ken Ice Dancers, Barbie Cheerleader, Barbie Cheerleader Pom Poms, Barbie Cheer Leader Cheer Outfit, Barbie Princess Charm School Delancey Doll, Barbie Princess Charm School Nikolas Doll...and now for the free suitcase!

But wait! They are out of the free suitcase! What to do? Take the chance and loose out on that dang Barbie Case or bite the bullet and purchase the items, run to another Toys R Us and make the manager grant me the offer and receive the suit case there?

Wow...this is what life has come to. (I can't lie y'all know I live for this stuff!) I purchased the Barbie massacre of items and ran to the next store in search of the suitcase...okay really? I did not at this point even know what the suitcase looked like but I had a feeling....and of course it's adorable.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We have been soooo busy the past couple of weeks welcoming December into our lives. Hectic but so much fun! Here's a quick catch up on all of the fun, fun, fun we have been having!
Last weekend we took Georgia to Arcodoro on Friday night. Scott and I had brunch there a couple weeks prior and realized they let kids make their own pizzas! So it was a Pizza Making event for Georgia. They brought out an apron for her to put on and called her "Chef Georgia". She had a blast making her own dinner- it also enticed her to eat more of it!

That Saturday we woke up SUPER early and went to Breakfast with Santa at the Aquarium. Georgia actually went and sat in Santa's lap! This is the first time she has done this since she was 6 months old. Every year we wait and wait and wait in the longest line ever only to arrive at the front of the line and she won't do it. So I was super happy to finally have another pic to add to the collection! Upstairs Santa and an Elf were swimming in the aqaurium with the fish and we had a delishious breakfast with my Mom, Emery and Memaw.

That afternoon we ran to a baby shower of a old friend of mine and then back to Houston where we met Grandaddy and Mary for Ice Skating in Discovery Green. Some of Georgia's friends showed up and we all had so much fun. It starting to rain while we were skating but we stayed out on the ice and had a blast.
There was a music event going on that eveing at Hickory Hollow (a little BBQ place by our house) that was part of the "Misletoe Madness". Everyone met there for dinner and while we were eating one of the younger girls, Delaney, became curious of the band. I looked up and saw her up on stage- her mom, Allison went to pull her off and she was determined not to leave! The band graciously stopped and invited all the kids to come on stage to sing some Christmas songs. Of course Georgia, Lilly and Delaney were the only ones that took them up on their offer! They stole the show and sang with the band- it was so funny!
Sunday rolled around and I realized Cirque Du Soleil was in town. I have been wanting to take Georgia to see this but was not sure if she would be interested the entire show or would become bored. Scott has been wanting to see a show as well so we packed up and ran downtown to try to buy tickets right before showtime. It was pouring down rain and poor Scott raced through and became drenched hopping out to go purchase the tickets but we were lucky and ended up with amazing seats! Georgia was completely in awe and captivated the ENTIRE show! She loved it!

Fast forward through the week and we are at this past Friday, (December 9). My mom found out about Santa's Winter Wonderland in College Station and made a plan for us to all go Friday night. We all got off work, and Georgia from school, and made the drive. On the way there, I kept thinking, "This better be good...." and it was! So completely worth the drive! Since we arrived a little before the other car load meeting us there we parked and walked around the Santa's Old Tyme Village first. As we walked in they started to blow snow flurries over the door and Georgia was enchanted! We couldn't believe it! She danced and laughed in the snow- it was one of those magical moments there is no way you could re-create. The look on her face was priceless- I will always remember it! Once you enter in they have bands playing and old Christmas movies streaming on the wall. Hot chocolate, Funnel Cakes, Fudge- any delectable delight you could dream of! You can wait in line to meet Santa and a reindeer, go to the petting zoo, pony rides, hang out at the campfire or meet Frosty the Snowman. Once the rest of our group arrived we piled into Scott's car and drove through the maze of Christmas lights- it was pretty amazing! Then we were on our way home with 3 very tired kiddos (Noah, Eli & Georgia) that passed out before we hit the freeway.

Saturday morning found us being the afternoon my Dad and Mary came by to pick up Georgia for a couple of hours while I ran out and finished Christmas shopping. Let me just tell you- this is the first year Georgia has really specifically asked for something continuously since Day 1 when I said, "What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?" Her reply, "A Barbie Case." It has been a month of me trying to deciper what a Barbie Case is and many trips to the store holding up suitcases to backpacks asking her if that was what she was talking about. FINALLY last week we saw it at Target! She pointed it out to me and I was soo relieved...I would have never guess this is what it was. I went back to the Target to buy it and it was gone! Luckily, my next stop was the Mad House of Toys R Us, but they had it in stock and I scored a Barbie suitcase with my purchase! Let's just say it might look like Barbie threw up in my house Christmas morning. The feeling I have from buying her this thing though is a crazy high...I want to scream from the rooftops "Hey! I FOUND THE BARBIE CASE!" haha- so silly, but it's fun!

Rounding out our weekend....Sunday we woke up and took Winston to the dog park. Scott took him for the first time Saturday and he loved it. Georgia was excited and she and Winston had so much fun playing with the other dogs and meeting everyone. The afternoon was spent running errands which included another trip to Toys R Us and Winston became the owner of a new pet bed from Petco.

Excited for next weekend's plans...hoping for some more Ice Skating and maybe a trip down to Moody Garden's Festival of Lights! I will try to come back and post pics of our adventures a little bit later!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Georgia, Georgia

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with that Thankfulness stuff...Like the idea, no time to keep up. I may not have 30 days of Thankfulness but here's another one...

Georgia and I were driving to have dinner last night. On our way we hit a serious pothole in the road- hard. The kind of bump that makes you think your tires may have just popped. I freak out and say shout out "Oh no!". It was loud when we hit it and it took me by surprise.

Georgia- "What happened?"
Me- "We hit a pot hole in the road"
Georgia- "Why are you upset?"
Me- "Because our tires could have popped!"
Georgia- laughs
Me- "What?"
Georgia- "I think that is so funny. That noise makes me laugh every time!" laughing hysterically at this point.

So I start to laugh. I realize it's only a pot hole. My tires did not pop (although I stand by my first assesment that they could have and what do we pay taxes for after all if it's not for Houston to fix the pot holes!!!!). Georgia keeps going on and on about how funny it was, and the noise. "It's always SO funny mommy!" squealing in the back seat. Her 4 year old giggles are contagious and nothing can put me in a better mood faster than that.

I'm so thankful for her in my life- you have no idea. Looking at life through her perspective is the best thing I do every single day. I'm so glad she is there to start laughing at something like pot holes in the road and remind me not to take life so seriously.

We arrive at the restaurant and pile out of the car giggling and laughing and I had the best dinner with her. Full of Knock, Knock jokes that make absolutely no sense.....

Georgia- "Knock, Knock"
Me- "Who's there?"
Georgia- "Mashed Potatoes"
Me- "Mashed Potatoes Who?"
Georgia- "Mashed Potatoes Jello!!!!!! Bhahahahahahahaha!"
Me- "Hahahahaha"

Can you tell we were at Luby's? Georgia trying to act older than her age and start off conversations, "So, Mommy, how was work today?". I think I ask her that every day when I pick her up from school and she has been reversing the question on me for some time now, although I find it funny hearing her ask me the questions.

When I picked Georgia up from school yesterday she had a birthday invitation from a friend in her cubby. She opened it and said it was for Natalie's 5th birthday party. She asked when her 5th birthday would be, my response was to tell her she knew the date. "Oh yeah, May 25th" (she recently was tested at school and when asked when her birthday was she gave the answer May 25 although I knew she knew her birthday was May 24) "Georgia, your birthday is not on May 25th, it's May 24th- you know that" her response, "Yes Mommy, last year was my fourth birthday on May 24, but this year will be my 5th birthday on May 25!" If you ask me, I think that is a genius response- haha! Now that I know how she processed her birthday I have to give her credit at the same time I was able to explain to her how her birthday works and I think she understands now. I guess last year I may or may not have made a HUGE deal about my own birthday since I was turning 26 on the 26th...she may have taken that to heart!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with this....
Day #2- I am thankful for my family- without them I have no idea where I would be today.
Day #3- I am thankful for the opportunity to work, go to school and be a mother all in one.
Inspections on the house were yesterday. Some issues came up that I expected to, but they will be an easier fix than anticipated which is exciting. So weird to think I am going to own a home in less than a month. So much to do once I actually get in there. Every time I go by the house I come up with another list of things I want to do with it. We will see how far my budget goes....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Being Thankful....

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and seeing the posts on facebook) I've decided to do my own 24 days of Thankfulness up until Thanksgiving....

Day #1
I am thankful for the #1 person in my life- Georgia. She is the funniest, most amazing person I have ever met and I love, love, love every day that I experience with her.

Today I went to her school for a parent/ teacher conference to receive the results of Georgia's placement testing. She did so well on her test and placed above average or average in every section but one...."Body Concepts" The test administer asked her "What do you do with your....." then filled in the blank with the following:

"Eyes?" Georgia's answer- "Move them." hmmm seems like a decent answer to me but they were looking for something along the lines of see with them.
"Legs?"Georgia- "Move them back and forth"
"Hands?" Georgia- "I move them too!"
"Mouth?" Georgia- "Put lipstick on it." ummm what?!? Hahahaha
"Nose?" Georgia- "Move it"

She scored a whopping 0 our to 10 points on that one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So drum roll please.....My offer was accepted and Georgia and I will be homeowners soon! So very excited! I based my purchase mainly on location/schools for Georgia and I am so, so happy with were we will live in a couple of months- it's a great little neighborhood zoned to the best schools (in my opinion) in Houston....yes no Private School for checkbook is thanking me! We are also right across the street from Town and Country and City Center- seriously...we could walk there! There are kids ranging from 2 years old to juniors in high school in every townhome in our little section and I've all ready had babysitting offers and Georgia has all ready made a new little friend- who just happends to have a new baby mini-schnauzer as well. When I saw the puppy I knew it was a sign!

Just a few things to figure out (foundation, inspections) and we will be good to go...well except the renovations I have planned for the interior. Chandeliers will be in every room....

I can't remember if I introduced Winston to the page if Winston! He was going to be a Christmas present/ Moving present for Georgia but we found him a little earlier than expected. Now that we have a puppy we have to take down 10 floors every day we are really enjoying living in our building and utilizing the park and jogging trails around the area. So nice! We have made a lot of new friends while out walking too!

Georiga has been a little defiant lately... yesterday in the car she did not want to go to the grocery store with me and made some statement along the lines of:

"Fine! If we go to the grocery store, I'm not your friend anymore!!"

My response "Georgia, you are not allowed to give your mother ultimatums."

Georgia "UGH! MOM! There are NO tomatoes in here!!!!"

Bhahaha! End of discussion becasue I was laughing so hard!

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's FINALLY Fall!

The cooler weather has finally rolled into TX. By cooler I mean the high temp is 90 degrees and occasionally a lucky day with a high of 86. Pretty awesome considering we have been swealtering with 109 degrees in SEPTEMBER! I'll take it. Seriously considering a move to somewhere cooler someday in the near future- this past summer was brutal.

House hunting also includes furniture hunting! I've been eyeing up some pieces (some for a few years now) that I plan on purchasing and some I've all ready purchased and tucked away in the shop at the office...

Can you tell I'm in love with the mirrored furniture? I've been dying to get my hands on a these pieces for years now. I've purchased 2 of them so far- one is in use at my apartment right now and the other is being stored.

I found this bed awhile back as well...waiting for it...

Wouldn't Georgia just love this?
Haha.....never going to happen.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Marie is here

Here is a little preview of Georgia's Halloween Costume- it came in the mail!! She loves it and I still think it's hillarious/ adorable!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A House! I'm about to buy a House (well...a Town House!)

Soooo......The deal is almost done. Well kind of. There is still a lot to do but verbally we have agreed on a price and things that need to be fixed. I'm sure the hard part is next but I'm super excited! At least I will be once I recieve all the paperwork from the realtor.

As I said in my previous post I have the furniture and remodeling all ready planned out now it's almost time to put it in action! YAY!! Oh yeah and I kinda promised Georgia a puppy because she doesn't want to move out of the "Tower". Hmmm... We'll see about that one.

I'm anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time! I think it will be a great move for us, but it's so far away from where I have stationed my life for the past 6 years. (okay..really it's just like 10 minutes, but still...)

I'll post pictures soon. Trying to get an idea for Georgia's bedroom, the rest of the house is complete in my mind with my imaginary never ending fund source that doesn't exist.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working and Waiting....

I work in a predominately male reigned industry. It's not often these guys see women around except for maybe in the office so it's no surprise when they are a little shocked when a blonde haired, blued eyed girl pops out of the delivery truck to pick up or make a delivery. Needless to say if I am a shocker at the supply houses and job sites, my ride along partner for part of the morning yesterday was probably something hard to comprehend. I had to make a run at 6:00am Monday morning so my PIC (partner in crime) tagged along with me. Sleeping Beauty PJ's and all. Then is was off to her very first day or Pre-Kindergarten. WHAT!!!! Crazy to think I have a child that is in Pre-K. Where has the time gone? (I'm getting the feeling I'll be saying that for the rest of my life)

On another note I heard back from the realtor, but had questions so I haven't heard back a second time and I am antsy! Patience is not one of my virtues. Trying to tell myself it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and she is probably having to wait to hear from the homeowner so just calm down and ride it out. Cross your fingers..! Of course I all ready have demolition plans, renovation plans and all furniture, paint and wall paper picked out.

This pas weekend Georgia and I spent the day at West Side Tennis Club which has become our favorite hang out lately. The pool is a blast and they have all kinds of stuff for kids to do. Friday night we went bowling at the bowling alley there. Georgia loved it, but got bored after one game so we went out to the pool.



Here are some other updated pics of Georgia:

She really wanted to wear her pink boots to school....

This one makes the list of "all time favorite pictures" of Georgia.

My tag along buddy yesterday morning in the car.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Hunting and Over the Heat....

So I am officially over summer in Houston. I think people are crazy to spend time outside. I have even given up working on my tan lately it is that hot. I'm ready for fall. With fall comes probably my favorite clothes season as well full of fun boots and hats and coats. I'm dying to purchase some new scarfs and start updating my wardrobe. I also can't wait to throw Georgia in her updated outfits. (We really need to get some places to go on out social!) Some of Georgia's stuff came in last night and it took everything in me to not con her into trying it on and having a fashion show when she got home last night...there is always tonight..Here is a sample of what our fashion show will consist of we start with a mini- Chanel look alike dress umm could this be any cuter?!?

Moving onto this cute little number- Silk bow ruffle shirt and bubble shorts. She also scored some cute suede knee boots to go with this but the silly picture won't upload correctly.

Moving on.... Last year I saw this adorable (okay read here hilarious) costume in a magazine I receive for children's clothing called Chasing Fireflies. They send out a special costume edition each year called Wish Craft. So I see this costume and think it's gorgeous and it's kinda funny too but it only starts at 4T. So too big for Georgia. I did get online because I was SO tempted to order it and they were sold out! Well guess who received the catalog for this year LAST night and got online THIS morning and ordered that costume? ME! Too bad for Georgia's dreams of being Tinkerbell. This year she shall be...



How hysterical is this costume? I giggle everytime I see it. I hope Georgia plays along with is and likes it. If not I guess you will see a little Tinkerbell flying your way Halloween night. I want her to like her costume but I also want her to be something that she doesn't dress up as every day of the week. And Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty- these are all standards in the dress up closet. I am going to die when this comes in...Wig and all. Hahahaha!

So as I'm getting over this heat I am also over paying rent. I go back and forth on this SO much! If you talked to me last month my mind was made up I was just going to continue my High Rise Living life style for life. Put Georgia in private school and be on my way. haha. Yes I love living where I do and the amenities are endless....valet parking, concierge, someone to help you up with your groceries, free mystic tanning (!) but I've wanted to settle down somewhere since my pregnancy days with Georgia and have yet to be able to do that. I want to be in a house that I know I will live in for at least a few years. The problem with Houston (and my budget) is I am finding I am hard pressed to find a house that I like (okay so I've been told maybe I don't need 4 bedrooms and new construction) that is in my price range and in a good school district. So when I first started looking I found this gorgeous home in a brand new, gated neighborhood with jogging trails, a pool, dog park, 24 hour manned gate, 3 stories, elevator capable (of course I didn't mention that part to my dad....he could hardly handle the 4 bedroom part, 3 stories part. I might have just dreamed of throwing an elevator in there for fun maybe next year..) But just slightly out of my budget and still not zoned to a good school.

So I moved on (kind of) and kept looking. Next door to their 3 Bedrooms! I personally do not see why you would buy a 3 bedroom when obviously a 4 bedroom has much more re-sale value but whatever it's a little bit closer to my price range but I'm still missing the boat on the school thing and to be honest my price range.

So yesterday at lunch I tell my dad "Look I don't know if it's my headaches lately" (I've been having massive annurism like headaches on pretty much a daily basis lately) "or what but you just can't find anything in Houston for this price range that is something that I like, I mean that is safe, and zoned to a good school. I'm basically doomed for life." And guess what happend after that? Of course...a friend sends me a link to a townhome in the area I'm looking in and tells me I need to "jump on it" that it will move fast, zoned to a good school, etc. I gave it one look. I did not like it. Ugly, disgusting, old. No way. Gross. But for some reason I went and looked at it last night. I was right- all of those things and it smelled, but there was one down the street I looked at and fell in LOVE with! It's gorgeous- well almost gorgeous but has tons of potential and charm and it's perfect. Plus I still get my 4 bedrooms (No dad, the 4th bedroom really isn't a bedroom it's more like a study...) So we will see where this goes....Good notes are it's in my price range (actually, below my price range..weird), zoned to a REALLY good school, close to a really great shopping area that I happen to love. Of course lots of things need to happen for this to happen- like all the stars aligning in a striaght line for me to get out of my lease. But who knows crazier things have happend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Georgia's First Trip to the Dentist!

When Georgia was a baby I watched a special on how horrible some pediatric dentists are and is scared me silly. Ever since then I knew when it came time to take her to the dentist I would make sure it was a good one. Well I think I found the perfect pediatric dentist!

We went yesterday for the first time (I know, I'm about a year late....) the office was so neat and Georgia loved it. The waiting area is painted to look like you are under the sea and there are fish tanks with fish an another with turtles. There is also an area with a TV playing Disney movies and little theatre seating for the kids. Once we went back for the cleaning and exam Georgia could still watch the TV and she was so good throughout the entire process. Annnnd...NO CAVITIES! Everything looked good except the dentist did say she has a cross bite but we won't worry about that until she is about 9 years old.

I took some great pictures on my phone (which the apple store just replaced for me for FREE) but then when I got home I hooked it up to the computer to "restore" it and add all the info in from my old phone and it deleted all the pictures. Bummed but there's always next time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updates and Hair

So, haven't kept up in awhile...obviously! Georgia's results came in and they didn't pick up any seizures! Yay! Her doctor said he's pretty sure that is what happend but the results just mean they aren't happening often enough to worry about it for now. So thankful!!
Lately I've seen all these little girls with curled hair- I've wondered how their mom's do it. Do they really have their toddler sit there while they roll their hair with a hot curling iron? Then I finally found the answer! I read a blog the other day and realized it's foam rollers! My mom never used these with me, but they looked like they worked wonders and had a lot of potential for fun. Ha! I picked some up at the store yesterday and talked (bribed) Georgia into playing "Beauty Shop" after her bath. This morning we woke up and wah-la!
Before she even looked in the mirror she said, "Mom, my hair looks crazy" Yep, of course it does Georgia. I felt so bad, I couldn't stop laughing. "Don't laugh Mommy!" Great, now I've poodled my daughter's hair and I'm openly mocking her. This is going to be a great story for her psycologist in 20 years. So I tried to brush it out and put a bow on top....
Yay! Now it's just an afro with a bow on top!! Georgia was very upset when she figured out it was going to stay this way until she takes a bath tonight. I couldn't let her leave like this so she also had her first go at the straightening iron this morning as well....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Waiting on the results of Georgia's test is going to kill me. Today is Tuesday. I talked to the doctor last week and he said it would be a "good 4 to 5 days" before we heard anything. If you count Wednesday then today is 5 days. I'm sure they aren't counting that way though. So today is 4 days. I've all ready called twice and left one message. I know they will probably call me back before lunch just to let me know either way but I can't concentrate on anything. I'm exhausted and completely drained. I know Georgia is okay, but I need to know what I am dealing with or not dealing with. Patience is defiantly a lesson I know God has been trying to teach me this past year. I thought I had it down.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Stories

Every morning there is a big rush down the hall with Georgia yelling "I'm going to push the button!" as though I'm going to fight her over whose right it is to push it. Really, I thought this little game would get old after a few months, but it does make mornings fun with her racing down the hall and me trailing behind laden down with bags, a lunch kit, a nap mat and whatever else we have deemed necessary for our day saying "Georgia! Don't push the button until I get there!!!" "Okay, Georgia!!! Don't get in the elevator if it comes until I'm there with you!" "GEORGIA!!! NEVER EVER STEP IN THE ELEVATOR WITHOUT MOMMY!!" My greatest fear is that she gets in the elevator, hits the #1 and is swooped down to the first floor without me. Leaving me to wonder, should I race down 10 floors which would obviously take a good 5 minutes...or just wait for the next elevator (they are pretty fast- so this would be my choice if the situation ever arose). Luckily, she listens. Most of the time she will wait for me to get to the elevators before she pushes the button. Some mornings she's just a little more anxious than others.

Once the magic button has been pushed I am then read my rights for the next step in the process. "Okay, Mommy when the alligator (she's a little confused on elevator and alligator) gets here I will push the button inside, okay? I will push number 1. You don't push it. I will push it." "Okay, Georgia, got it." Then we play a game of which elevator it will be. Georgia's favorite is the service elevator- I have no idea why. Out of four elevators 3 are gorgeous- they have gleaming wooden walls, nice floors and televisions in the corner. Shortly after we moved in Georgia had the experience of riding in the service elevator (Standard silver walls, ugly tile floors and no TV. It is bigger and the doors are taller. but it hardly ever is in regular use since people rent it out for moving purposes and you can "lock" it on a floor while you are moving) Needless to say the first time it showed up to take us down Georgia was in awe. "Wow! I like this alligator! It's BIG, why haven't I ever seen this one before?"

So every morning when I ask her which one will it be today she replies "The big one!" I always reply knowingly- "No, Georgia, probably not." and of course I'm always right. Well, except for today, and a couple other times...

Moving on- we play the same game when we get home from work/school. As soon as we get past the lobby Georgia starts running. The other day she flew around the corner (I was pretty quick this day) right as a man walked up from the other side. Georgia paused for a minute and unknowingly the gentleman pushed the elevator button. "HEY!" Georgia said with her hands on her hips, "I was going to push that!" she was pretty perturbed this guy took away her right as elevator button pusher. A group of about 4 people standing around just laughed at her while I explained that it was okay and she could push it next time. Next thing you know the service elevator light goes off and Georgia gasps, "MOM! It's the BIG alligator! Yay, yay, yay!" Again some laughter. The other residents are a little weary of this elevator since it's also known to get stuck occasionally. One lady says "Oh no, I don't like this elevator" Georgia, "It's my favorite! I love this alligator!" and once again she has stolen the show. They think it's so cute she calls is an "alligator" then she goes on to tell them her love for the alligator and her memories in it. "One time my mommy and I rode in it....."

I tried to correct her the other day and teach her the difference in alligator and elevator, but my heart just wasn't in it. She's got the rest of her life to learn that and it makes me smile when I hear it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tuesday night Georgia and I had a slumber party and stayed up until 12:30am. I woke her up at 5:00am Wednesday morning. For the EEG, Georgia had to be able to fall asleep with the electrodes on by herself to be able to monitor her brain activity. So I had one tired girl on my hands Wednesday morning. We made it to Texas Children's and they ran the test. It went pretty smoothly. I am so proud of Georgia- she was a star.

The night before I had googled some pictures of kids with the electrodes on their heads and showed it to Georgia so she would be prepared for this. The technician glued about 30 electrodes to her head and then she and I laid down on a hospital bed. They flashed a strobe light in front of her and then made her blow a pin wheel (both the flashing light and breathing quickly can cause a seizure to occur) Then we were able to go to sleep! We both passed out for about 30-40 minutes. The technician came back on the speaker and told me to wake Georgia up. So I woke up a not very happy little princess while they got the final readings. After that it was over. The tech came in and removed all the electrodes and we went home where we slept the afternoon away!

I thought we would receive results today or tomorrow but her pediatrician called and told me we would not receive them for 4-5 days. Say a prayer that we are able to get an answer and start making sense of all of this.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Two more days....

Two days left.

After 11 months of living on my own and being separated from my husband it will be final. We came to a settlement almost two weeks ago and signed off but it hasn't felt real to me yet. After all the negotiations and bs I've gone through to get to this point I won't believe it until the paperwork is filed with the court. Wednesday is D-Day.

March 9, 2011 ends a marriage that maybe should have never happened. A lesson learned I suppose.

I think back to what I was doing a year ago. It seems so weird. I was a stay at home mom, we were buying a house and I was ready to write the tale of the rest of our lives. I remember going through our walk through on the house and putting little pieces of tape on the places that needed to be fixed. We could try to fix everything around us on the surface and all the while we should have been pointing out the things that were wrong with us.

I remember my excitement at starting over as a family. There seemed to be so much wrong with our lives and I convinced myself a fresh start would heal everything. That he would finally become the husband and father I wanted him to be. That I could change him. That we could have a chance at being happy. I wanted a family.

All along I knew something wasn't right. We kept putting tape on ourselves and fixing the surface issues instead of going deeper. For the first time in my life a year ago I thought that maybe I didn't want anymore children. I kept putting it off. We were suppose to (by my doctor's calculations) get pregnant last March, but I couldn't do it. I used the house as an excuse. "Let's wait until we get settled." Me- who always had strict guidelines for how old Georgia should be when a sibling arrived for her threw it out the window. "It won't matter that much" I thought to myself.

It was 5 days before we moved into our new house. I had gone out that day and signed off on the house saying they had fixed everything we had a stuck a peice of tape on. I knew something was wrong when I talked to him on his way home from the gym. That night ended everything. That night is something I hope one day we all forget, but I know it's there inside of her just like it's there for all of us. That night set in motion events that no one could ever take back. The tape dissapeared and the perfect surface of our relationship fell away.

April 21, 2010.

Will I always remember these dates? Will they always haunt me? Our first date- May 24, 2005. Our wedding- January 20, 2007. Georgia's birth- May 24, 2007, the night it fell apart for the last time- April 21, 2010. Filing for divorce- June 24, 2010. The legal end- March 9, 2010.

5 short years that changed us all so drastically. 5 years that brought another human into the mix and for our own shortcomings we've screwed it up. Georgia doesn't deserve a life without mommy and daddy living together, but that's what we've thrown at her and we tell ourselves, "Kids are resilient" "She'll make it" "Everyone gets divorced these days" But that doesn't calm down a little girl who cries for her Daddy at night when she's with Mommy and becomes hysterical for her mother when she is with her father.

So instead of excitement of the day- March 9, 2011. I'm embarressed. I'm still hurt. I'm still mad and upset and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make up to my daughter something that I messed up for her.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Yellow Hair

I was just told by Georgia that she wanted me to go to the doctor and get my hair yellow again.

hmm.....Loving the dark but missing those golden locks lately. Wonder if Georgia is onto something? Is it time to go back to my roots? (you know- the roots I've claimed almost my whole life that have to be touched up every 5 weeks?)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~*~My **GOLDEN** Birthday~*~

It's almost March which means it's time I start to remind everyone about my upcoming birthday! The celebrations will start March 1 this year (like every year) and will not end until April 1.

This birthday happens to be one I've looked forward to my entire life- My Golden Birthday. Some of you may be asking yourself- what is a golden birthday? It's when you turn your age on the date of your birthday. Example: I will be 26 on the 26th.

Growing up I was always SO jealous of my sister- she had her Golden Birthday when she was 12. I had to wait a LIFETIME for mine. So there is your reminder!

Now it's time to compile the birthday list!

#1- Dakota.
Georgia and I went to New Jersey and New York in December. While we were there we stayed with some good friends who had a great dane. She was the sweetest dog ever! So good with kids, huge and gorgeous! I thought she was so neat and casually said that I would love a dog like that but could never keep it in an apartment. My friend told me they are surprisingly great apartment dogs since they don't require a lot of exercise, are pretty lazy and docile. So I started thinking about it. I looked online the past couple of months and thought of getting a puppy, but what a nightmare trying to potty train a puppy in a high rise? I eventually stumbled across this beauty:

I am in love with her. She is potty trained, leash trained, perfect! I went to see her and she is sooo well behaved. Even better she has grown up with a little girl that is Georgia's age and plays so well with her. I want her sooooo bad.
That's it so far....the only thing on my birthday list....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Never Grow Up*

Every morning for as long as I can remember I've carried Georgia into her school. When you first arrive at the school there are two teachers standing outside. One marks down attendance and the other acts as a "runner". You can pull up in your car and have the teacher take your child into class or you can park, walk them to the gate where the teacher takes them from there or you can walk them in yourself.

Last summer I carried Georgia to the gate a couple of times and the "runnner" took her to class. Georgia was not a big fan of this. She began to ask me to walk her all the way in. So I did. We pull up, I get her out of the car and gather her bags when she says "Carry Me Mommy". I pick her up balancing a lunch kit, back pack, nap mat and 3 1/2 year old. She buries her head in my neck as we walk past the teachers. "Good Morning Georgia!" They say. No response- no question this is my child...not a morning person.... We walk in and as soon as we hit the hallway Georgia can suddenly walk again. I know she does this because she is scared I will drop her off with the teachers up front again (Seriously? Only did this once or twice!) and she likes to have that extra bit of time to say goodbye and have "One more BIG hug" before I leave for work.

Yesterday we got out of the car and Georgia said, "I'm going to walk today Mommy". Just like that she walked past the teachers and replied back with "Good Morning" on her way in. We were halfway down the hall when I realized she had just walked into school under her own steam and might never want me to carry her inside again. I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me.

There were many mornings I would be exasperated with her for making me carry her. I would try to convince her to just walk on her own. I would have my arms full with stuff and of course be running late and would get irritated.

I almost saw her life flash before my eyes at that moment. The moment she was born and suddenly this little change in our routine made me feel as though she had just graduated from high school. Every day that passes is one I will never get back.

Today she walked into school again on her own and tomorrow I guess she'll get her driver's license.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In my mission to replace the items that were stolen I have happened into a dilemma.

A few of the items that were taken were my beloved Louis Vuitton bags. I had a sense of steel at first when I realized they were gone. No need to be upset! Glad to be rid of them! I'll save up on my own and buy one for myself in time!

But then....the insurance check came in.

I went to the Galleria.
I stopped by Louis Vuitton (I needed the purchase receipt for the other bag that was stolen of course!)
I looked.
I tried on and modeled new bags.
They just came out with a new style in the Monogram Vernis. (My favorite)
It's a new color too.

And before I knew what was happening I was walking out of LV toting a bag with my new purchase in it.

And now she sits in my closet. I haven't used her yet because I keep telling myself it's silly! Go return the bag!!

Why? Well after the trip to LV I trotted down to Neiman Marcus. HAD to return a dress... Just stopped and looked at their bags for a bit. That's when I saw these:

That's right- the Gucci 1973 Top Handle. I just saw a picture of these bags in the US Weekly at my place saying they were the new "it" bag and sold out everywhere. The lust began. What to do? Could I possible get both? I DID have 2 bags stolen. But which color??? I really LOVE the black and the tan. Hmmm...Dilemmas. I would trade the LV in a heartbeat for this beauty.

I began to quickly weigh the pros and cons in my head. The Gucci would be a fabulous every day bag while the Louis will be great for evenings. Which do I need more (evenings of course) but which would I get more use out of (the day time bag).

I walked away- of course after giving the sales woman my contact information. On my way out I had to walk by the Gucci store itself. Painful.

As it stands now I still *plan* to return the bag. Slightly hoping that before I do someone offers to gift it to me for V-day coming up. The Gucci has been relagated to the Birthday Wish List. It IS my GOLDEN birthday coming up....Can't you buy gifts for yourself on those special occaisions?

Besides- I HAVE to go back to LV since I forgot to ask for the purchase receipt....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Stuck Like Glue....

I'm sure by now we have all heard the song "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland. I normally really love their songs. When this particular song came out and I first heard it I was in love....until about half way through when it felt as though my brain exploded as the song broke into a Jamaican rap.


Who on earth said, "Hey! I've got the BEST idea in the world- let's make a cute, upbeat country song but in the middle we'll put a fun little Jamaican rap in it." Wow. I can't even listen to it. I have to change the radio station every time it gets to that point and wait until it's over then go back and resume listening to the fun little song.

Am I the only one that feels like pulling my eyelashes out when this happens. Really- I don't think I could possibly be the only person who finds this just a bit odd!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's Day and Georgia Growing Up...

Last Monday I took Georgia to have her picture made by Homeshade Photography. Tasha has taken Georgia's pictures before but I have ALWAYS wanted to have her do some with the pettiskirts she has. When I saw the post for the Valentine's Day mini sessions I booked as fast as I could! Here's the link to access and view the rest of the pictures:
Once there click "Access Gallery" then type in this code "6005de0e" and the pics should pull up!

After you look at them can you tell me what happened to my sweet little baby and when did she grow up so quickly? I still see her as this precious little thing: