Monday, February 28, 2011

My Yellow Hair

I was just told by Georgia that she wanted me to go to the doctor and get my hair yellow again.

hmm.....Loving the dark but missing those golden locks lately. Wonder if Georgia is onto something? Is it time to go back to my roots? (you know- the roots I've claimed almost my whole life that have to be touched up every 5 weeks?)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~*~My **GOLDEN** Birthday~*~

It's almost March which means it's time I start to remind everyone about my upcoming birthday! The celebrations will start March 1 this year (like every year) and will not end until April 1.

This birthday happens to be one I've looked forward to my entire life- My Golden Birthday. Some of you may be asking yourself- what is a golden birthday? It's when you turn your age on the date of your birthday. Example: I will be 26 on the 26th.

Growing up I was always SO jealous of my sister- she had her Golden Birthday when she was 12. I had to wait a LIFETIME for mine. So there is your reminder!

Now it's time to compile the birthday list!

#1- Dakota.
Georgia and I went to New Jersey and New York in December. While we were there we stayed with some good friends who had a great dane. She was the sweetest dog ever! So good with kids, huge and gorgeous! I thought she was so neat and casually said that I would love a dog like that but could never keep it in an apartment. My friend told me they are surprisingly great apartment dogs since they don't require a lot of exercise, are pretty lazy and docile. So I started thinking about it. I looked online the past couple of months and thought of getting a puppy, but what a nightmare trying to potty train a puppy in a high rise? I eventually stumbled across this beauty:

I am in love with her. She is potty trained, leash trained, perfect! I went to see her and she is sooo well behaved. Even better she has grown up with a little girl that is Georgia's age and plays so well with her. I want her sooooo bad.
That's it so far....the only thing on my birthday list....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Never Grow Up*

Every morning for as long as I can remember I've carried Georgia into her school. When you first arrive at the school there are two teachers standing outside. One marks down attendance and the other acts as a "runner". You can pull up in your car and have the teacher take your child into class or you can park, walk them to the gate where the teacher takes them from there or you can walk them in yourself.

Last summer I carried Georgia to the gate a couple of times and the "runnner" took her to class. Georgia was not a big fan of this. She began to ask me to walk her all the way in. So I did. We pull up, I get her out of the car and gather her bags when she says "Carry Me Mommy". I pick her up balancing a lunch kit, back pack, nap mat and 3 1/2 year old. She buries her head in my neck as we walk past the teachers. "Good Morning Georgia!" They say. No response- no question this is my child...not a morning person.... We walk in and as soon as we hit the hallway Georgia can suddenly walk again. I know she does this because she is scared I will drop her off with the teachers up front again (Seriously? Only did this once or twice!) and she likes to have that extra bit of time to say goodbye and have "One more BIG hug" before I leave for work.

Yesterday we got out of the car and Georgia said, "I'm going to walk today Mommy". Just like that she walked past the teachers and replied back with "Good Morning" on her way in. We were halfway down the hall when I realized she had just walked into school under her own steam and might never want me to carry her inside again. I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me.

There were many mornings I would be exasperated with her for making me carry her. I would try to convince her to just walk on her own. I would have my arms full with stuff and of course be running late and would get irritated.

I almost saw her life flash before my eyes at that moment. The moment she was born and suddenly this little change in our routine made me feel as though she had just graduated from high school. Every day that passes is one I will never get back.

Today she walked into school again on her own and tomorrow I guess she'll get her driver's license.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In my mission to replace the items that were stolen I have happened into a dilemma.

A few of the items that were taken were my beloved Louis Vuitton bags. I had a sense of steel at first when I realized they were gone. No need to be upset! Glad to be rid of them! I'll save up on my own and buy one for myself in time!

But then....the insurance check came in.

I went to the Galleria.
I stopped by Louis Vuitton (I needed the purchase receipt for the other bag that was stolen of course!)
I looked.
I tried on and modeled new bags.
They just came out with a new style in the Monogram Vernis. (My favorite)
It's a new color too.

And before I knew what was happening I was walking out of LV toting a bag with my new purchase in it.

And now she sits in my closet. I haven't used her yet because I keep telling myself it's silly! Go return the bag!!

Why? Well after the trip to LV I trotted down to Neiman Marcus. HAD to return a dress... Just stopped and looked at their bags for a bit. That's when I saw these:

That's right- the Gucci 1973 Top Handle. I just saw a picture of these bags in the US Weekly at my place saying they were the new "it" bag and sold out everywhere. The lust began. What to do? Could I possible get both? I DID have 2 bags stolen. But which color??? I really LOVE the black and the tan. Hmmm...Dilemmas. I would trade the LV in a heartbeat for this beauty.

I began to quickly weigh the pros and cons in my head. The Gucci would be a fabulous every day bag while the Louis will be great for evenings. Which do I need more (evenings of course) but which would I get more use out of (the day time bag).

I walked away- of course after giving the sales woman my contact information. On my way out I had to walk by the Gucci store itself. Painful.

As it stands now I still *plan* to return the bag. Slightly hoping that before I do someone offers to gift it to me for V-day coming up. The Gucci has been relagated to the Birthday Wish List. It IS my GOLDEN birthday coming up....Can't you buy gifts for yourself on those special occaisions?

Besides- I HAVE to go back to LV since I forgot to ask for the purchase receipt....