Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Georgia's First Trip to the Dentist!

When Georgia was a baby I watched a special on how horrible some pediatric dentists are and is scared me silly. Ever since then I knew when it came time to take her to the dentist I would make sure it was a good one. Well I think I found the perfect pediatric dentist!

We went yesterday for the first time (I know, I'm about a year late....) the office was so neat and Georgia loved it. The waiting area is painted to look like you are under the sea and there are fish tanks with fish an another with turtles. There is also an area with a TV playing Disney movies and little theatre seating for the kids. Once we went back for the cleaning and exam Georgia could still watch the TV and she was so good throughout the entire process. Annnnd...NO CAVITIES! Everything looked good except the dentist did say she has a cross bite but we won't worry about that until she is about 9 years old.

I took some great pictures on my phone (which the apple store just replaced for me for FREE) but then when I got home I hooked it up to the computer to "restore" it and add all the info in from my old phone and it deleted all the pictures. Bummed but there's always next time!