Monday, August 22, 2011

Marie is here

Here is a little preview of Georgia's Halloween Costume- it came in the mail!! She loves it and I still think it's hillarious/ adorable!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A House! I'm about to buy a House (well...a Town House!)

Soooo......The deal is almost done. Well kind of. There is still a lot to do but verbally we have agreed on a price and things that need to be fixed. I'm sure the hard part is next but I'm super excited! At least I will be once I recieve all the paperwork from the realtor.

As I said in my previous post I have the furniture and remodeling all ready planned out now it's almost time to put it in action! YAY!! Oh yeah and I kinda promised Georgia a puppy because she doesn't want to move out of the "Tower". Hmmm... We'll see about that one.

I'm anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time! I think it will be a great move for us, but it's so far away from where I have stationed my life for the past 6 years. (okay..really it's just like 10 minutes, but still...)

I'll post pictures soon. Trying to get an idea for Georgia's bedroom, the rest of the house is complete in my mind with my imaginary never ending fund source that doesn't exist.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working and Waiting....

I work in a predominately male reigned industry. It's not often these guys see women around except for maybe in the office so it's no surprise when they are a little shocked when a blonde haired, blued eyed girl pops out of the delivery truck to pick up or make a delivery. Needless to say if I am a shocker at the supply houses and job sites, my ride along partner for part of the morning yesterday was probably something hard to comprehend. I had to make a run at 6:00am Monday morning so my PIC (partner in crime) tagged along with me. Sleeping Beauty PJ's and all. Then is was off to her very first day or Pre-Kindergarten. WHAT!!!! Crazy to think I have a child that is in Pre-K. Where has the time gone? (I'm getting the feeling I'll be saying that for the rest of my life)

On another note I heard back from the realtor, but had questions so I haven't heard back a second time and I am antsy! Patience is not one of my virtues. Trying to tell myself it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and she is probably having to wait to hear from the homeowner so just calm down and ride it out. Cross your fingers..! Of course I all ready have demolition plans, renovation plans and all furniture, paint and wall paper picked out.

This pas weekend Georgia and I spent the day at West Side Tennis Club which has become our favorite hang out lately. The pool is a blast and they have all kinds of stuff for kids to do. Friday night we went bowling at the bowling alley there. Georgia loved it, but got bored after one game so we went out to the pool.



Here are some other updated pics of Georgia:

She really wanted to wear her pink boots to school....

This one makes the list of "all time favorite pictures" of Georgia.

My tag along buddy yesterday morning in the car.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Hunting and Over the Heat....

So I am officially over summer in Houston. I think people are crazy to spend time outside. I have even given up working on my tan lately it is that hot. I'm ready for fall. With fall comes probably my favorite clothes season as well full of fun boots and hats and coats. I'm dying to purchase some new scarfs and start updating my wardrobe. I also can't wait to throw Georgia in her updated outfits. (We really need to get some places to go on out social!) Some of Georgia's stuff came in last night and it took everything in me to not con her into trying it on and having a fashion show when she got home last night...there is always tonight..Here is a sample of what our fashion show will consist of we start with a mini- Chanel look alike dress umm could this be any cuter?!?

Moving onto this cute little number- Silk bow ruffle shirt and bubble shorts. She also scored some cute suede knee boots to go with this but the silly picture won't upload correctly.

Moving on.... Last year I saw this adorable (okay read here hilarious) costume in a magazine I receive for children's clothing called Chasing Fireflies. They send out a special costume edition each year called Wish Craft. So I see this costume and think it's gorgeous and it's kinda funny too but it only starts at 4T. So too big for Georgia. I did get online because I was SO tempted to order it and they were sold out! Well guess who received the catalog for this year LAST night and got online THIS morning and ordered that costume? ME! Too bad for Georgia's dreams of being Tinkerbell. This year she shall be...



How hysterical is this costume? I giggle everytime I see it. I hope Georgia plays along with is and likes it. If not I guess you will see a little Tinkerbell flying your way Halloween night. I want her to like her costume but I also want her to be something that she doesn't dress up as every day of the week. And Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty- these are all standards in the dress up closet. I am going to die when this comes in...Wig and all. Hahahaha!

So as I'm getting over this heat I am also over paying rent. I go back and forth on this SO much! If you talked to me last month my mind was made up I was just going to continue my High Rise Living life style for life. Put Georgia in private school and be on my way. haha. Yes I love living where I do and the amenities are endless....valet parking, concierge, someone to help you up with your groceries, free mystic tanning (!) but I've wanted to settle down somewhere since my pregnancy days with Georgia and have yet to be able to do that. I want to be in a house that I know I will live in for at least a few years. The problem with Houston (and my budget) is I am finding I am hard pressed to find a house that I like (okay so I've been told maybe I don't need 4 bedrooms and new construction) that is in my price range and in a good school district. So when I first started looking I found this gorgeous home in a brand new, gated neighborhood with jogging trails, a pool, dog park, 24 hour manned gate, 3 stories, elevator capable (of course I didn't mention that part to my dad....he could hardly handle the 4 bedroom part, 3 stories part. I might have just dreamed of throwing an elevator in there for fun maybe next year..) But just slightly out of my budget and still not zoned to a good school.

So I moved on (kind of) and kept looking. Next door to their 3 Bedrooms! I personally do not see why you would buy a 3 bedroom when obviously a 4 bedroom has much more re-sale value but whatever it's a little bit closer to my price range but I'm still missing the boat on the school thing and to be honest my price range.

So yesterday at lunch I tell my dad "Look I don't know if it's my headaches lately" (I've been having massive annurism like headaches on pretty much a daily basis lately) "or what but you just can't find anything in Houston for this price range that is something that I like, I mean that is safe, and zoned to a good school. I'm basically doomed for life." And guess what happend after that? Of course...a friend sends me a link to a townhome in the area I'm looking in and tells me I need to "jump on it" that it will move fast, zoned to a good school, etc. I gave it one look. I did not like it. Ugly, disgusting, old. No way. Gross. But for some reason I went and looked at it last night. I was right- all of those things and it smelled, but there was one down the street I looked at and fell in LOVE with! It's gorgeous- well almost gorgeous but has tons of potential and charm and it's perfect. Plus I still get my 4 bedrooms (No dad, the 4th bedroom really isn't a bedroom it's more like a study...) So we will see where this goes....Good notes are it's in my price range (actually, below my price range..weird), zoned to a REALLY good school, close to a really great shopping area that I happen to love. Of course lots of things need to happen for this to happen- like all the stars aligning in a striaght line for me to get out of my lease. But who knows crazier things have happend!