Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost that time....

So the list of presents keeps growing for Georgia... Why do all the stores have to have these gimmicks? Buy one get one half off of all Barbie AND Princess items? Seriously? And they are everywhere! Target and Toys R Us both had the same deal.

Georgia wanted that elusive Barbie Case which was found at Target and by golly if I'm going to pay $50 for some silly Barbie case I was definitely going to pick out at least a $30 Barbie toy to receive my "buy one get one 1/2 off"

Well that was all great...except Target was sold out of the Barbie case but they had the "exclusively to Target" Barbie Perfect Christmas set. You know Georgia loves that movie....and you know I'm a sucker. I really DID debate on it... I mean what is the point of opening a CHRISTMAS toy on CHRISTMAS?? Right? That thing was $50 as well and while our little Elf on the shelf, "Elfie" is a more generous elf and has been known to bring Georgia entire new wardrobes in his down time. (okay really it was just 5 new outfits and 2 new pairs of boots.....but she needed the new boots anyway and it was more fun to say the elf brought her magical new clothes from the North Pole!) and he just might have wanted Georgia to get out of the bath tub without a struggle and provided [insert gasp here] Brand New From the North Pole Christmas Pajamas and maybe he did dress her Bitty Doll in a matching pair all while she was in the bath tub. So what. He is not springing for the $50 Barbie gift set to give her prior to Christmas morning. That would be going overboard. I don't care if he has confused Chahnakuh with Christmas or not.

I I ended up with the Perfect Christmas gift set along with some crummy Barbie toy that was totally not needed but cute- Hair Salon Barbie or something. My grandparents are both Barbers so kinda goes with the family theme right?

Off to Toys R Us where lo' and behold they are having the SAME deal- Buy one get one half off on Barbies and here's the kicker.... you get a FREE roller Barbie suitcase if you spend $100! Do you even know how much Barbie crap you have to purchase to hit $100? Especially when they are buy one get one half off? Let me give you the run down on G's list- Barbie Princess Charm School Barbie Case, Barbie and Ken Ice Dancers, Barbie Cheerleader, Barbie Cheerleader Pom Poms, Barbie Cheer Leader Cheer Outfit, Barbie Princess Charm School Delancey Doll, Barbie Princess Charm School Nikolas Doll...and now for the free suitcase!

But wait! They are out of the free suitcase! What to do? Take the chance and loose out on that dang Barbie Case or bite the bullet and purchase the items, run to another Toys R Us and make the manager grant me the offer and receive the suit case there?

Wow...this is what life has come to. (I can't lie y'all know I live for this stuff!) I purchased the Barbie massacre of items and ran to the next store in search of the suitcase...okay really? I did not at this point even know what the suitcase looked like but I had a feeling....and of course it's adorable.

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

We have been soooo busy the past couple of weeks welcoming December into our lives. Hectic but so much fun! Here's a quick catch up on all of the fun, fun, fun we have been having!
Last weekend we took Georgia to Arcodoro on Friday night. Scott and I had brunch there a couple weeks prior and realized they let kids make their own pizzas! So it was a Pizza Making event for Georgia. They brought out an apron for her to put on and called her "Chef Georgia". She had a blast making her own dinner- it also enticed her to eat more of it!

That Saturday we woke up SUPER early and went to Breakfast with Santa at the Aquarium. Georgia actually went and sat in Santa's lap! This is the first time she has done this since she was 6 months old. Every year we wait and wait and wait in the longest line ever only to arrive at the front of the line and she won't do it. So I was super happy to finally have another pic to add to the collection! Upstairs Santa and an Elf were swimming in the aqaurium with the fish and we had a delishious breakfast with my Mom, Emery and Memaw.

That afternoon we ran to a baby shower of a old friend of mine and then back to Houston where we met Grandaddy and Mary for Ice Skating in Discovery Green. Some of Georgia's friends showed up and we all had so much fun. It starting to rain while we were skating but we stayed out on the ice and had a blast.
There was a music event going on that eveing at Hickory Hollow (a little BBQ place by our house) that was part of the "Misletoe Madness". Everyone met there for dinner and while we were eating one of the younger girls, Delaney, became curious of the band. I looked up and saw her up on stage- her mom, Allison went to pull her off and she was determined not to leave! The band graciously stopped and invited all the kids to come on stage to sing some Christmas songs. Of course Georgia, Lilly and Delaney were the only ones that took them up on their offer! They stole the show and sang with the band- it was so funny!
Sunday rolled around and I realized Cirque Du Soleil was in town. I have been wanting to take Georgia to see this but was not sure if she would be interested the entire show or would become bored. Scott has been wanting to see a show as well so we packed up and ran downtown to try to buy tickets right before showtime. It was pouring down rain and poor Scott raced through and became drenched hopping out to go purchase the tickets but we were lucky and ended up with amazing seats! Georgia was completely in awe and captivated the ENTIRE show! She loved it!

Fast forward through the week and we are at this past Friday, (December 9). My mom found out about Santa's Winter Wonderland in College Station and made a plan for us to all go Friday night. We all got off work, and Georgia from school, and made the drive. On the way there, I kept thinking, "This better be good...." and it was! So completely worth the drive! Since we arrived a little before the other car load meeting us there we parked and walked around the Santa's Old Tyme Village first. As we walked in they started to blow snow flurries over the door and Georgia was enchanted! We couldn't believe it! She danced and laughed in the snow- it was one of those magical moments there is no way you could re-create. The look on her face was priceless- I will always remember it! Once you enter in they have bands playing and old Christmas movies streaming on the wall. Hot chocolate, Funnel Cakes, Fudge- any delectable delight you could dream of! You can wait in line to meet Santa and a reindeer, go to the petting zoo, pony rides, hang out at the campfire or meet Frosty the Snowman. Once the rest of our group arrived we piled into Scott's car and drove through the maze of Christmas lights- it was pretty amazing! Then we were on our way home with 3 very tired kiddos (Noah, Eli & Georgia) that passed out before we hit the freeway.

Saturday morning found us being the afternoon my Dad and Mary came by to pick up Georgia for a couple of hours while I ran out and finished Christmas shopping. Let me just tell you- this is the first year Georgia has really specifically asked for something continuously since Day 1 when I said, "What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas this year?" Her reply, "A Barbie Case." It has been a month of me trying to deciper what a Barbie Case is and many trips to the store holding up suitcases to backpacks asking her if that was what she was talking about. FINALLY last week we saw it at Target! She pointed it out to me and I was soo relieved...I would have never guess this is what it was. I went back to the Target to buy it and it was gone! Luckily, my next stop was the Mad House of Toys R Us, but they had it in stock and I scored a Barbie suitcase with my purchase! Let's just say it might look like Barbie threw up in my house Christmas morning. The feeling I have from buying her this thing though is a crazy high...I want to scream from the rooftops "Hey! I FOUND THE BARBIE CASE!" haha- so silly, but it's fun!

Rounding out our weekend....Sunday we woke up and took Winston to the dog park. Scott took him for the first time Saturday and he loved it. Georgia was excited and she and Winston had so much fun playing with the other dogs and meeting everyone. The afternoon was spent running errands which included another trip to Toys R Us and Winston became the owner of a new pet bed from Petco.

Excited for next weekend's plans...hoping for some more Ice Skating and maybe a trip down to Moody Garden's Festival of Lights! I will try to come back and post pics of our adventures a little bit later!