Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Move!

Moving is complete! Apparently when people tell me I CAN'T do something, it insites me to do just that! I closed on my house December 30 and was suppose to be out of my apartment on January 13- which was a close call! I had them on stand by just in case I was not able to move everything out on time, and this is why....

I knew going into to this there would be some renovations to be done...we started on New Years Eve and went in to rip up all the flooring, baseboards and woodwork. The master bedroom floor was unlevel (which we knew) but we thought it would be a fast fix....not so much when there is a layer of concrete under the carpet we ripped up! We had to break up all the concrete and throw it out in order to get to the plywood in order to level the floor. Nightmare. It was about a 4 day process but we were able to get the floor level and better than ever!

Painting- oh painting. I thought I would save some $$$$ by painting the place myself. It was this horrible pea green color everywhere...disgusting! I think (and hope) that color is now gone for good- I still have some painting to do and some touch up, but for the most part I can check that off my list!

Next was the flooring- I think I had 5 million companies come over to give samples and had quotes all the way up to $21,000! (Are you kidding me?!?!) Needless to say I DID NOT pay that much! I finally chose the floor I wanted and the contractor to do it and 6 days later the flooring and all molding were in!

Now for the move- moving all your stuff down 10 stories in an elevator is not fun at all. I really felt bad for the moving guys but in the end I did get out on time. It was crazy and hectic but it happened.

Sheetrock repair- there were several places that needed sheetrock repair, especially once my BIL ripped some down to run the electricity through the walls (LONG story...) so the sheetrock guy was out yesterday and finished today- now I can finish my painting!

I also ran some electrical wire in a couple other areas that did not have lights...still need to complete that project.

As far as this week is concerned I am d.o.n.e. Everything is [mostly] unpacked and I just want to clean everything now that I won't have contractors in and out every day. My plan is to finish painting this weekend....maybe then I'll be finished??