Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chandeliers Part 5

I cannot believe it is all ready APRIL!!! Where has the time gone?

I have been so busy lately and in between work, school and Georgia I am STILL trying to finish up the house. Seriously. It's ridiculous.

For example- I purchased Georgia's chandelier for her bedroom in late January/ early February. It arrived and was sitting in it's box until about a month ago when I climbed up the ladder to take down her ceiling fan. Once I had that thing off I realized it was a total mess (the ceiling) and the mounting for the chandelier would in no way cover it. Have I mentioned before the guy who owned this place before me was an electrical catastrophe? (Not saying I'm any better, I've have personally installed each and every one of my fixtures and I would say 75% could fall if they are bumped too hard...but by the time I'm at the end of the project I'm so frustrated I don't really care- as long as it's up and in an area where it won't fall on someone's head I'm okay!)

So I realized I needed to buy one of those medallion things that you put on the ceiling in between the mount and the ceiling- getting too technical for you, yeah me too.

Anyway- I purchased this thing, which took me a couple more weeks to get over to Home Depot. Then it sat in my car for awhile and finally made it's way into Georgia's closet for safe keeping until last Sunday when I decide I'm going to bust this out and hang the chandelier! Everything from A to Z went wrong. The anchor thing you are suppose to hang it from in the ceiling was too short with the medallion thing, so another trip to HD to create my own anchor thing. Back home to put it in place but the drill's battery is dead. Wait for that to charge. Hook everything up, it's working and screw into place. My home-made anchor thing ended up being quite long so by the time I had it screwed into the ceiling the connections were lost.

So I did what any normal 26 (still won't claim the new age) year old would do. I ran out to my shed and grabbed my sheetrock saw. (I kinda laugh everytime I realize I actually own something like that.) and cut out the ceiling. The wires were all jumbled and I was all ready an extremely frustrated girl. Found said wires, reconnected then twisted the anchor thing back into the ceiling.

This process took no less than 6 hours. Then I got to hang 300 crystals from this wonderful fixture, cursing it the entire time. Grand total of hours spent hanging chandelier = 10.

Look on Georgia's face when she saw it= Priceless!

I'm well on my way to a Chandelier in every room. So far we are at a grand total of 5.