Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~*~Georgia's 5th Mermaid Tale~*~

The BIG 5th Birthday has come and gone. This year we opted to have a small party at home with just a few close friends. Remember my list of "to-do's" in a previous post? Yeah I ended up doing all of that plus replaced 2 doors and made not one but 7 tutu skirts- yep, seriously. It was the first time we have had people over since we moved in (beside family) and I tried to not "over-do" the party....of course decorations, food, etc. I couldn't help myself BUT I did tone down the actually "party" stuff and just let the kids play and do what they wanted. I had a few crafts for them to do and we played a few games. I think Georgia enjoyed just having some fun play time with her friends at the house!

Good morning Gorgeous! It's Party Day!

Opening a present early from my mom...

 It's a Vanity Chair for American Girl dolls- super exciting!

 Getting ready...

 The "TuTu Wall" I made Tutu's and Hair Pieces for all the girls that would be at the party to put on when they arrived.

One of the craft set ups- The guests made pearl necklaces to accessorize their outfits!

Party Favors~ Beach Towels! Orginally we were going to all head out to the pool to swim, but we ended up opting to hang out at the house. I wanted to have these monogrammed with the kid's names on them, buuuuut ran out of time.

The food...Yum! Oh and table cloths as always- custom made to match the party by my Mom!

I made these water bottle covers and had a genius idea. I'm not sure if you have seen these around or not but I got the idea from several blogs I follow...annnyway I kept thinking "If you print these out on card stock they are sure to get wet and the ink will smear- right?" Well...I was running super late putting everything together for the party and my printer at the house is not set up yet AND I did not feel like devoting 2 hours to fixing the problem. So I sent the PDF file off to Walgreen's to be printed on 8x10 photo paper. Guess what! It was a brilliant idea because the photo paper can handle a bit of water without smearing- best part? I saved them after the bottles were empty and I am re-using them for Georgia's lunch for school, etc.!

Dressed and ready to go!

I took this idea (again from a blog) Octopus hotdogs! Yep...kinda grossed me out, but the kids loved it!

 See what I mean?

I went out on a limb this year and made Georgia's cake. I have spent soooo much money on cakes in the past and was just kinda over it this year. I found a picture of a cake I liked and went from there- It turned out okay- nothing amazing but I was satisfied!

Georgia's guest began to arrive and they decided to do some ballet while they were waiting.

So cute, So funny! So something I would have done as a kid! Georgia looks super serious in this picture and it makes me laugh! Maddie (The older girl here) is enrolled in the Houston Ballet Academy where Georgia takes lessons- Georgia looooves Maddie and looks up to her SO much, she was so excited she was able to make it!

While the girls were practicing ballet, the boys were obviously break dancing of course.

 Aunt Laura


 Eli wanted to wear some of the party gear soooo badly....

 The kids are playing "Underwater Charades" Laura and I were dying laughing at some of the things they came up with- it was hilarious!

Fruit Kabob

  Seriously- She is the cutest thing ever.

 It's necklace making time- The boys made a necklace for Mom (since mother's day was the next day) while the girls made one for themselves.

One of our new neighbors! So much fun to live next to a slew of kids to play with!

Onto our next craft- Princess and Pirate Hats!

 Lilly and Delaney

 Singing Happy Birthday!

 Opening gifts

 The End of Georgia's 5th Mermaid Tale!