Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up!

We have been running around like crazy people since our return from our trip. Settling back into our school routine, work routine, exercise routine. I'm tired!

Monday I decided it would be fun to walk to school to pick Georgia up. The school really is not far at all but it's been SO hot. I was deluding myself into thinking the weather had cooled hadn't. Georgia was pumped about walking home and our walk joined by her classmate that lives in our neighborhood which was fun! I LOVE having her go to a school where all of her classmates are basically in our neighborhood. 7 of our neighbors all have children that attend her elementary. On the way home we stopped and let the girls play on the playground for a little bit, but seriously- it's hot.

On Tuesday Georgia and I ran to the mall to add to her fall wardrobe. Can I just say the way the way children's clothes are sold in these months of the year irritates me SO much? The stores come out with their "fall" lines in August and EVERYTHING is long sleeves. So our choices are to either keep Georgia dressed in summer clothes or scour the stores to find something appropriate for Fall that is somewhat cool. Unfortunately the weather won't be cool here until Halloween so Georgia is hanging out in her summer clothes, but it doesn't keep us from prepping for the cooler weather we still have a month to wait for!

While we were there Georgia took me to the American Girl Doll store for my first time and it really is amazing. I wanted to buy everything, or just move into the store, not sure which one. I'm such a sucker for the matching doll/ girl outfits. I kept my strength and we did not buy anything, but that doesn't mean I'm not going back to break the bank for Christmas...

Wednesday Georgia had soccer practice and I went to dinner.

Thursday my mom came over and took us out to eat at Benihana's. This was Georgia's first time to go to a restaurant where they cook the food on your table. She loved it! Better yet- she ate everything. I was (still am) in shock! She ate the soup, the fried rice, SHRIMP?!?!, chicken, noodles...pretty much everything they put in front of her. I think we may just have to dine there a little bit more often just so she will clean her plate! Since my mom's birthday was this month we celebrated while we were there and Georgia told everyone it was her grandma's birthday!

Our weekend plans include ballet/tap/jazz practice tonight, soccer game tomorrow and a birthday party for one of Georgia's new classmates in the afternoon! It's opening weekend of Dewberry Farm and I'd love to try to make it out there on Sunday, but we may just opt for a trip to the zoo instead..