Sunday, March 24, 2013


Georgia has her first loose tooth.

Several problems with this:

1. I don't "do" loose teeth.
2. I am almost as terrified of this as I am of her dating.
3. I am more terrified of this vs. dating.
4. I was creeped out by MY OWN loose teeth. I can't handle hers.
5. I feel sick.

I mean.... can I send her away until all the teeth in her head fall out and the new ones grow back? What am I suppose to do with this? Even if I started an emergency list of people that could show up on a moment's notice they would basically have to come be our shadow.

I'm literally gagging and clenching my own teeth in my head right now making sure they are safe and secure.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Annnnd the Calendar is Filling Up!

Spring is here. Apparently today is the first official day although down here we have been indulging in the gorgeous weather for weeks. Be jealous.

It seems like March hit and suddenly the rest of our school year is booked. From birthday parties for Georgia's friends to costumes coming home for her dance recital coming up I feel like her first year of school is basically over. I'm so sad! Obviously the continuing theme of this blog is the idea that Georgia is slowly (or in my mind VERY quickly) growing up. I mean, and I'm sure I've said something along these lines before, after Kindergarten she is pretty much officially, officially not a baby anymore. She's a kid. Which is weird. It's a total adjustment for me and I really am not prepped for this. It's kinda hitting me out of no where. Soooo has anyone figured out how to freeze time yet? Because that would be great....

Recently I was with someone who when asked "How old is she" they replied, "Almost 6". Ummm what? After a few rounds of this I said, "She is still 5 1/2...can we not say SIX yet?" and then I thought, "Actually... she IS closer to six than 5 1/2." Then I got depressed. I had the first 5 years planned out perfectly. 6 is just way to close to 10 which is way to close to 13 then 15, then 18. Then.... I will stop counting. So just as I'm holding on to my last few precious days of being 27 (6 more to go...) I am CLINGING to the last couple of months of having a 5 year old.

Now that is out of the way.... what have Georgia and I been up to lately? Glad you asked....

The Rodeo wrapped up last Sunday and Georgia and I spent a fair amount of time hanging out at the livestock show. I took her to a concert this year but had a feeling from the get-go that it just might not work out. Sure enough 45 minutes into it and she wanted to leave. 1 hour into it and we left. To her defense bed time is 8pm. The Rodeo starts at 6:45pm and it was a school night. I'll probably wait a few years to take her back to a week night show. She loves the livestock show, as do I and we had a lot of fun at the petting zoo and looking around there.

Birthday Parties! We loooove to celebrate with our friends and recently have been to some REALLY fun parties. I love that Georgia has all of her pre-school friends and all of her school friends. It keeps us busy and it's so much fun to have gotten to know the new friends this year and catch up with the old friends from pre-school when we hit up the parties. Which reminds me.... it's time to start planning Miss G's big party. For the past YEAR (yep seriously, a year) she has wanted to do the party at Sky High Sports. It's a giant trampoline place. Fine with me! It will be fairly easy as long as I don't go overboard (Like that ever happens...) and it really is a lot of fun. Plus I may or may not be known to show off a few flips, toe touches and herkies here and there (when the refs aren't looking of course) much to the delight of Georgia and friends. Georgia, of course, thinks I'm awesome when I perform and I would really like her to continue to think I'm awesome for awhile so "Whatever it Takes!".

Travel, Travel, Travel- Georgia and I both have several trips coming up both together and separately. I'm looking forward to all of them! This weekend we hit Austin together to visit The Bungo's with The Freeman's to celebrate my b-day yet again. Georgia has her first spring soccer game Saturday morning so we will wake up early, her team will win their first game (positive thinking) and then we will head on to Austin. PS- the girls have taken over the soccer team this year (She signs on with the same coach and team mates every year) but this season we have more little girls on the team than ever- and you should watch out...they are all pretty fierce!

Georgia's dance recital is quickly approaching (May 4). Super excited she will be in THREE dance numbers this year. Tap, Ballet and Jazz. Yes I will upload videos of the cuteness. Remember this from her very first dance recital dress rehearsal??? Cuteness overload!

Costumes came home a week or so ago and they are absolutely precious! We had a costume try on at the studio yesterday and costume pics are next week! I love it! Everyone get ready because her dance line up for the recital is one in the beginning, middle and end. So we all get to stay for the ENTIRE SHOW! I am actually excited about this, and warning the rest of you that show up that you are in for the long haul. ;)

The other night Georgia decided to decorate for my birthday and I don't know if I will ever take down the decor she provided me with. She is big into writing notes lately and she wrote me a million little notes:
"Mommy, I love you, you love me, love Georgia"
"Happy Birthday Melanie"
"Happy Birthday Melnie" <---haha
"I love you, you love me, we're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you love me too? By Georgia Bedre"

Then she taped them all over the door and wall. I love it. Tuesday night we are booked for a fancy dinner together to celebrate my ACTUAL birthday. Don't isn't the last of the birthday celebrations...I haven't celebrated with the fam yet and that will happen next Saturday while we are dying Easter eggs. I also hear there is a giant confetti egg fight planned so we will be sure to have plenty of concussions.... ;)

Okay- done playing catch up- Soccer practice tonight and maybe I will get some school work done???

Thursday, March 14, 2013


#TBT stands for "Throw Back Thursday" I'm explaining this for those of you (ahem...Mom, Memaw...) That might be lost as to the title of post. Basically you post a picture of something that happened way back. Got it? Good. Normally it's just a picture but I came across one of my most favorite videos ever of Georgia.'s beats the Christmas morning video from this year. Hearing her little voice say "Ready Mommy?" Oh how I miss 2 year old Georgia. My heart melts!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gearing Up!

It's March and in case you were not aware this means "Melanie Birthday Month". The birthday month got a jump start this year which I am completely excited about! In addition it seems like the next 2 months have suddenly become packed with events for Georgia and I. Fine with me!

In case you were wondering what the perfect present might be allow me to provide you with some useful suggestions. (And NO this year there is not a horse sized dog on the list- don't worry Mom)

1. A Gazebo for my patio:

My Spring project is to fix up the back patio. (oh and finish the rest of the touch up stuff inside) This little thing would really give me a head start to back yard bliss.

I found it on Pinterest and had to research the artist. I'm in lust. It would be the PERFECT thing to hang over my couch on the white brick wall. Can't decide if I want Bryan Adam's "Heaven" or Journey's "Small Town Girl". I'm seriously leaning towards Bryan Adams...

My patio furniture has seen much better days. Plus G and I need a table and chairs so we can eat Al Fresco! This table and chairs set looks kinda fun:
You can "box" it up when you aren't eating! Who wouldn't want to do that???

Perfect for the other side:

4. Celine Bag:

There you have it! It's Spring Break for Georgia this week and while we aren't doing anything super exciting we do have a few fun things planned! Luckily it's GORGEOUS outside this week so all activities will be outdoors! Hope you are having a great March!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I don't know if I like this...

I got the silent treatment on the way to school today from a certain 5 year old.

This wasn't just your run of the mill silent treatment. This was hard core "I'm not talking to you, I am going to pretend you aren't even in the vehicle with me" silent treatment. It took me by surprise it was so intense because it is the first time it has ever happened. I wonder who else she has done this to? Has she been practicing? Where did she even learn this from????

I finally busted her out of it by speaking in "lamby" voice. (Don't ask...) Even then, the most I got was a smile and a laugh. Like I said...intense.

Next thing I know she is unloading from the car and I say, "Have a great day! I love you!!" not expecting a response...

"Love ya too! Bye!" are only 5. I was hoping we could make it 13 before the attitude hit. Please let me have 8 more years without it.