Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Throw Back Thursday (on Wednesday)

I'm taking you back today for a little trip down memory lane. A peek inside what was one of the most special places on Earth to me- Georgia's nursery. 

I painstakingly created her room when I was pregnant and it was everything I wanted it to be...and then some. It was always our special place and I use to feel "right" when I was in this room. I picked her bedding out first and then came up with the design on the walls. I measured the pattern from the bedding then scaled it out, stenciled and hand painted it. It took forever but was so worth it. Also- it was my first Chandelier installation- which obviously makes it that much more special.

So the point of this post is that Georgia's dad is moving therefore her nursery will be gone forever. While this use to sadden me I'm okay now. There was a point in time when I wanted to have this room preserved forever. I guess now that Georgia and I own our own place and we have made it ours it's time to move on and let her nursery and those memories go.
 We had to stop by our old house last night- there were some of my belongings left from when I lived there and we both took a moment to say "goodbye". It isn't the first time I said goodbye to the house on Grovewood Lane... but it was the last. So many memories there- the good and the bad. Maybe the best part is they can never be re-created. Memory is a funny thing- especially when so much emotion is wrapped up in such a small time frame. I moved into this house when I was just 20 years old never knowing what the next 8 years of my life held. I prefer to remember it as it was- when Georgia was first born and that room held all the hope in the world within. Maybe that is why saying goodbye was so easy this time- that room evolved into the life I live now and it is firmly in my past. My home now holds the present and future and I'm pretty excited about what is next to come.

My dear girl has gone from this sweet baby love....

To this amazing young lady saying "Goodbye"

Mommy & Georgia then..

and Now...(Not sure who changed the most...)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back to Normal....Kinda?

Georgia is back from her two week hiatus with her Dad which means life is back to normal in my world!

She had birthday parties on the books for the weekend so I volunteered to have her back a day early (YAY!) to make the bday party rounds. One of Georgia's besties was having a Disco themed skate party at the roller rink so we hit that one up first. A little birdie told me the Trifecta (Neiman's, Saks & Nordstrom's) were in full summer sale swing. I don't think I need more tempting than that. Luckily Georgia and I had JUST enough time to make a run through and meet Meredith for shopping & lunch. We raced to another friend's Cheerleader style bday party and had so much fun dancing, singing and celebrating with her!

The tooth fairy came to visit AGAIN last night. (So far I have lucked out on every single tooth fall out experience. I'm pretty amazed and oh so happy about that!) Georgia was able to use her new tooth pillow to place her tooth in. The problem with the tooth pillow is that you have to take the tooth out of whatever container it went into after falling out of Georgia's head to place it inside. Therefore I had to handle the tooth with my hands. Prior to this I was able to convince Georgia to just put the container under her pillow so it was a clean grab. No touching, no looking. I mean- I have trouble even looking at the teeth even when they are out of her head in the container.

The tooth fairy woke up at 4am and realized she hadn't done the switch so she stumbled around in the dark, pulled some cash out of her wallet, said a prayer that she grabbed $1 bills and not $20's and completed her task. Then she went to put the tooth away and dropped it. A good 5 minutes was spent searching for said tooth and being disgusted she was even touching a tooth that came out of someone's head.

But really- what do you do with these teeth? I remember saving mine and it's totally creepy there is a container somewhere on this earth full of my old teeth. I feel as though I'm expected to put them away in a little box for her.... but why??? So one day in the future I can say, "Hey Georgia, the tooth fairy isn't real, it was me ALL along! haha! Here's a container of your teeth. Love ya." How. Gross.

Monday morning wake up call and Georgia promptly pukes....repeatedly.

Happy Monday Everyone!!!! Let the week begin.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Madness

Here we go- the beginning of a new week! I started Cross Fit last week...I'm still on the fence about it but going to go back this week and see how I feel.

Soooo on track for this week:
1. Tonight- get another long run in. At least 15 miles.
2. Cross Fit tomorrow morning and at least 3 other times this week.
3. Build up mileage to 40 miles. (I hit 33 miles last week total mileage)
4. Stop eating all the crackers at work. Seriously. Just put them down.

I'd say if I accomplish all that I'll be doing pretty well! ;)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So funny..So true...

"Having a list"
"Crossing things off of said list"
If you know me you know I always put a few things on my list I have all ready accomplished just so I can cross them off immediately.  This way I always feel as though I'm making progress.


Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July and Austin Escape

Georgia and I had a fun filled 4th! We started off at the Tennis Club to swim- they were having a fireworks show that evening but we weren't sure if we were going to be there the entire day. About 3 hours in and lots of swim time with some friends we called it quits and headed home to shower and relax a bit. Changed clothes and headed to my dad's house for dinner. They always adore seeing Georgia (not sure if they like seeing me or not...kidding. Of course they do)

Dad and Mary just got back from visiting their property in Arkansas where their retirement house is being constructed and then on to Memphis to see family. If you don't recall, my grandfather passed last November and there is still quite a bit to do to settle the estate. My grandmother is in a nursing home with dementia so the bulk of their estate is being settled since Grandaddy's death. While in Memphis they went to Nanhee and Grandaddy's house and continued going through things. While I was at my dad's house Thursday I got to see some old papers, pictures, etc. they brought home. I guess it still hasn't settled he is really gone.

After dinner Dad and Mary wanted Georgia to spend the night. We had other plans- we ran home and hung out for a bit (played a game of cards with some of the playing cards Dad gave me from Nanhee's house) then we walked to City Center to watch the fireworks. Ummmmm......SO FREAKING CROWDED! Ugh- we walked back. When we arrived back at our house we ran into some friends outside waiting to watch the fireworks as well. The girls went nuts watching them- so much fun!!

After the 4th I had a plan of staying at home and hanging out with Georgia, cleaning the house, maybe seeing a movie over the weekend. Then I thought again- She was leaving on Sunday for 2 weeks....surely I could come up with something more exciting! We ended up heading up to Austin for an impromptu visit with the Bungo's. Georgia ADORES Brock and even better it was Blake and Katy's daughter Gracie's first birthday party that Saturday! Blake is Emily's brother and I went to their wedding 5 years ago in Playa. So cool to now be going to Gracie's first bday party. She is on my list of cutest babies ever and I love seeing Blake and Katy as parents. I guess growing up is strange at times....I see these people I have known for what feels like forever now married and with children I just love it.

Our first stop Saturday morning was Brock's T-Ball Game- So precious!

Then off to Gracie's Party!
After the birthday party we went over to Emily's parent's house. Granny and Hopper were in town for the party (Em's grandparents) and I've known them as long as I've known Em. Such a great visit with them and her parents. They moved to Wimberly 2 years ago and now have a horse, miniature ponies and donkies. Georgia was in HEAVEN. When we pulled up there were deer in the front yard. Emily's dad took Georgia and let her feed the deer and ponies. Seriously I think she could have died.

Doug (Em's dad) and I also decided for the first time he thinks of me as an asset and not a liability. We have made so much progress over the past 11 years. Haha- love him! Remember we met when Emily and I were first going to Southwest (TX State)...... ;)

 We ran back to Austin after that and put the kiddo's to bed. Once they were asleep Em's sitter stopped by and Joe, Emily and I went up to Top Golf. I love that place- If you haven't been to the one in Houston or in Austin you really need to go. So much fun!
That's about it! A super fun past few days making memories with my gal. I can't believe summer is basically half way over!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Musings by Georgia

"Am I available Friday? What does my schedule look like?"

"Mom, can you buy me a cell phone?"

"Did they have cars when you were little?" (yes) "WHAT! They had cars in the eighties??"