Monday, September 30, 2013

The last day of "Half Birthday Month"

In case you missed out September was dubbed "Half Birthday Month" Several reasons- well, okay, 2 reasons.

1. Summer was over and I was sad so I wanted another option.
2. I have minimal birthday's left in my 20's so I made the unanimous decision to begin celebrating 1/2 birthdays until I turn 30. (depressing, I know)

I think I got the most out of my "Half Birthday Month"- in fact I had such a fabulous time I may enact "Quarterly Birthday Month" I'm obviously all ready having MAJOR anxiety over leaving this decade of life.

This past weekend was a busy one. Wait- the past week in general was busy. Are you surprised? Didn't think so. Friday Georgia cheered at the Stratford High Homecoming Pre-Game. Adorable. Then we went to dinner with her gal pals and parents. Afterward one of Georgia's BFF's came over for a sleepover.

We had the pleasure of having the class dog- Kodi with us over night since Kendall had been drawn to take it home with her. He had quite the place of honor at breakfast....

 Saturday we woke up and I took both girls to a birthday party then I hit the park for a run. 12 miles (and being drenched in rain) later I met back up with Georgia. She was suppose to have a soccer game but it was cancelled.Two weeks in a row now for soccer! It needs to stop raining!

I ran to a quick dinner with some friends at Giacomo's Love this place- and all of the pasta is homemade.
It's amazing.

Sunday got a run in then watched the Texans loose. Pretty certain it's because I was not in attendance.

Met my mom & Emery for pizza with Georgia. She made her own pizza, we stuffed ourselves with the pizza goodness and planned on heading home.....

As we started home our favorite song came on. What else do you do? Make that 8pm bedtime right away or suggest a trip for ice cream, U-Turn it, roll the windows down and sing at the top of your lungs?!?
I think you know what our choice was.
A late stop by Marble Slab (ugh- I know...who am I?) then we went for a stroll while we devoured our cones. One last quick decision to run across the street to pick out some new books to read and we were set.

Best part of the night? Putting Georgia to bed and hearing her say "This was the best night ever".

My girl... every night with you is the "best night ever" but I agree- as much as I talk about our "schedule" the best moments are those that are totally unplanned.

Oh yeah- and someone lost another tooth! We are up to 4. Lucky for Mommy they have all fallen out at school. #Winning

Now if the temperature would drop we could really welcome Fall!

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