Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Past

Here's a little flash back for ya. The past six Halloweens of Georgia. In going back to dig up the six pics that made the cut consider yourself lucky. This child has her life documented almost moment by moment. As her mother I think every moment is pretty much priceless. 

#1- Poodle: Taken in my moms office. We would all go to lunch together all the time I debuted Georgia's 1st costume that day! From the time I was pregnant "poodles" was Georgia's thing. It was even the theme of her first bday party so very fitting to be her first Halloween costume!

#2- Pumpkin: A girl I went to high school with had started a little TuTu making side business. I saw this idea on a website and sent it to her and she was able to re-create it. I LOVED it. The pics turned out so very cute that year.

#3- Peacock Georgia: I made this one myself and was oh so proud of it. Georgia flat out refused to try it on and prior to Halloween I couldn't even get a good picture of her wearing it so I was a little nervous. Totally bummed when she didn't win the neighborhood costume contest that year....

#4- Snow White: The first year Georgia was able to pick out and tell me exactly what she wanted to be. Her favorite- Snow White. I tried to talk her into something more exciting "Georgia- you can dress up as Snow White every day- it's hanging in your dress up closet...don't you want to pick out something else?" Nope...she wasn't going to have it. Snow White it was.

#5- Marie Antoinette: Ahhh The Culmination. I spotted this outfit years prior and died. They only start making it in size 4T and I had to wait several years for her to be old enough to wear it. 2011 was our year. I did not even ask her about it. The catalog came in (I knew from eyeing it in years past it was a fast seller) and I ordered it in August. We won the costume contest that year. 

#6- Kimberly The Pink Power Ranger: Annnnd we are back to Georgia picking out her costumes. She got REALLY into Power Rangers (which I kinda loved) I was a little old for them but my little brother was obsessed and he and I would watch the shows together. I showed the original shows to Georgia on Netflix and she loved it. She asked to be the Pink Ranger for Halloween...but not just any Pink Ranger. The ORIGINAL Pink Power know- the one from 1994? Like the one that hasn't been MADE since 1994?!?!? Countless hours spent ebay-ing later....

Happy Halloween!

This girl and I are ready for the day! Bring on the rain, flooded streets, thunderstorms- try and stop us!
Where's that Candy?!?!?

Georgia, by nature, is not a big sweet person therefore I consume all Halloween candy. 
Easy fix? 
Candy buy back at the dentist!
Georgia's dentist participates in Operation Gratitude- we go to the dentist office on Monday and they buy back her candy giving her one dollar per pound up to 5 pounds of candy. Then they box it up and send it via Operation Gratitude to our troops over seas. Georgia doesn't eat it anyway (I'm sure she will pick out the prime pieces over the next couple of days) and it will save the pounds off my waist! ;) Plus great opportunity to put a smile on some faces over seas!

Here is the info for Dr. Harrison's office if you are interested:

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I know this blog is ALL over the place.

Okay it's totally unfortunate I stumbled across the following website a couple days after I had my sentimental post about my grandfather's death but it's really too good to not share.

If you know me... well I don't even have to explain.

Can't. Breath. Bhahahaha!!!!
(PS- there are TWO pages..TWO)
I wouldn't want you to miss out!!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

One Year Later...

I can't believe it's been a year since we traveled to Tennessee to say goodbye to my Grandaddy.

If anything I have thought about him more this past year than at any other time in my life. Honestly I think I think about him almost every day. He is the first person close to me in what I consider my "immediate" family to pass.

It may be more of a piece of my life than I realized is gone forever with his passing. The fact is that Nanhee has been in a home for a few years now and that last trip up to Memphis when we went to bury Grandaddy was my last time to see my grandparent's home as I remembered it. I will never see Memphis again as it lives in my memory. In the past year the house has been disassembled and cleaned and is now on the market to be sold. Someone told Nanhee that Grandaddy died and although she forgot moments later she knows (deep down) he isn't with us any longer and that breaks my heart....although probably not as much as it would to see Grandaddy living with Nanhee gone- Nanhee can't always remember he isn't here anymore and when she does the moments are fleeting and more of a wondering question than a fact.

Maybe I've never had something happen in life that I couldn't go back on. I've always been able to "undo" things. Go back if I wanted. Nothing has ever been final...If I didn't want it to be. Even if I did want it to be I've always reserved the right to change my mind. Death is something that is pretty much final. And this is my very first close encounter with it.

I've thought about what a great step-father he was to my dad and what an amazing grandfather he was to us and how I will never find a man like that for Georgia. How maybe I've found that guy all ready and passed him up because I'm too jaded and stubborn. Then I think about how exhausted I am all the time and how I really hate dating and why do I even need a man for Georgia- aren't I enough?!? geeze.

I guess I've thought more about my childhood (most of my memories about Grandaddy & Nanhee date back to childhood) and compared it to Georgia's childhood and the constant battle rages through my mind-
"Am I giving her the best childhood possible?"
"Am I offering her what I was offered?"
"Are we making memories?"
"Am I being present in the moment or am I looking at my freaking cell phone again?"
"We haven't done as many fall themed activities this year- should I try to plan more this week or just double up on Christmas ones?" <----That was a legit thought. (as I type it I realize it sounds crazy)

I had a really great childhood and I really want Georgia to enjoy hers as well. At times I feel like I'm doing it all wrong. I get mad that I haven't sat down this year and done our Halloween crafts together or baked sugar cookies yet. But then I think "you know what.... Georgia doesn't even like sugar cookies...." and honestly- that's true. She was actually given one yesterday at the festival and she told the lady all on her own "I actually don't like cookies" So there you have it. Plus I have tons of family that totally picks up the slack where I leave off- my mom makes jam and bakes with her and my grandmother takes her to the book fair. I am forever grateful to them.

I've always had trouble letting go. I've held onto memories, possessions (ummm go check out my mom's attic- it's a Melanie shrine she didn't know existed. Yep High School homecoming mums and all) This past year has been a big transition and it took me by surprise. I miss what was- Grandaddy and Memphis. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about the idea of that house existing only in pictures and memory and I miss what is- Georgia. Every day with her is another day in the past.

Time stopped for my Grandaddy last October. Georgia is a constant reminder that time doesn't stop- my visual time keeper. It's been a year since he left us and time has kept on. I joke with my friends the past year has been a year of constant change- things have moved fast.... but I've learned if you have your "core" stable you really don't need to concern yourself with the small stuff. It just happens...

The past year has been quite the ride. When I think back to Halloween last year and every thing that has occurred since it seems almost unreal that this much living has been packed into one year. Maybe that's the only way TO live. I have a feeling I'll have plenty of time one day to sit at home and wander around from room to room being lonely. For now I'd rather forget schedules (sometimes....) and take random trips or stop for ice cream or have swing set races at the park with Georgia when we probably should be heading home to get ready for bed.

Why? Because life is short- no one knows how long we will be here...I just hope if I'm gone tomorrow my daughter has the best memories of us ever like I have of my family. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texas Renaissance Festival

Sunday Georgia and I went out to the Renaissance Festival- I have not been out there since I was 14 years old...It was a lot more fun than I remembered. Georgia was in shock- she had no idea what to expect. It's kinda normal for me to dig in her costume closet say "Here, put this on" pack a lunch sack and head off on a random adventure. We had tossed around going to the zoo earlier that morning but we can do that any day. Why not go the the Ren Fest? Plus I had that snazzy head band pictured below that I've yet to wear and I really needed an excuse to give it a first go round in public.

Moral of the story- never pass up the chance to take someone who has no clue what the Renaissance Festival is, much less what the Renaissance is. You will shock them.- The look on her face was pretty much priceless as she watched the shows and performers and well...people in general surround us. When she realized there were "real" Kings and Queens there she about died. The jousting...the blood splattering. Out. of. this. world. with. awe. One of our best adventures to date for sure.

Gypsies for the day. PS- could she be missing any more teeth??? 

Annnd this would be right before we danced to an accordion and fiddle in the middle of the courtyard randomly and I promptly twirled Georgia around and she fell into the mud. Oops. She was not too happy with me. That ended our dancing show. What can I say? We were trying to get into character...


Maybe this is why the teeth keep falling out of her head...the kid won't stop wiggling them!!!!!

A magical stroll in the "Magical Garden"
(not kidding this was the Magical Garden).....

Just a little jousting on a Sunday afternoon....

Swinging on the giant your $$$ it wasn't that fun. I know we really look like it's a blast but we are really good at posing.
Even Georgia agreed it wasn't that great and it was her idea.

Did I mention I'm a vegetarian??

But she isn't.

Obviously the trick to getting Georgia to eat is putting food on sticks. Why has it taken me 6 years to figure this out?!?!

Thus ends our Renaissance adventure. I think I'm going to have a history lesson now with her. It's times like these that I miss Encarta. Anyone?! Wikipedia just isn't the same....

Soccer Day!

Saturday- Soccer Picture day & Game Day- Our first Loss.. :(

After the game we went out to the Freeman's for a fun Family day of carving pumpkins and delicious food! Georgia picked out this pattern thing for me to carve out- I have NEVER done this before and was lost....It took forever.

Impressed- no? I'm going to go pro.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Whoa to the week!

Here we go- a week in reveiw!
Let's start with last week... we had Red Ribbon Week. I meant to immediately put it on my calendar when the flyer came home buuuut I didn't. I stuck the flyer UNDER my calendar at work so I would do it later...and that didn't happen. oops. So we missed Monday- no bid deal- it was "Inside Out Day" Tuesday was "Crazy Hair Day" We are old pros at this one. Georgia had a "Vision" for this one.... She wanted one side in rollers that she wanted to sleep in and the other side in a pony tail with one roller at the end but not all the way rolled...

A few adjustments had to be made after she proclaimed "This is NOT what I had envisioned" Geeze....

Wednesday- "Say Boo to Drugs"

You can't see but this was "Crazy Sock Day" and photo shoot with Memaw and Papa!

"Team up against Drugs" on Friday- Wear your favorite team shirt!

Soooo I think that wraps up the week- in between we had our regular smorgasbord of practices, dinners and homework. Hallie taught Georgia how to do the "Hook Em Horns" hand sign at school Friday. I had a parent/ teacher conference on Thursday. Georgia is doing pretty well in school- hitting all bench marks and her reading has REALLY excelled lately- I'm so relieved! She is actually loving it lately (which I knew she would..I mean how could she not with me as her mother?!) That's about it for our Pre-halloween week!

"Quick- Share this before it's cool"

Everything about this makes me laugh:

"Mos def. God I hate these so called "hipsters" nowadays. They aren't real hipsters. Most of them are too young to have been around in that scene when it started some years ago. Go Ahead, test them. Ask one of 'em: What's the oldest Death Cab album you know of? If they answer, "who are they?" or they say, "the one that has I'll possess your heart on it?" That's one giveaway. Look at their shoes. Are they wearing chuck taylor's? And if so, how worn out do they look? Ask them if they know anything about Austin, TX and/or the South by southwest concerts."

The "Seeing Eye Person"- bhahahahaha.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fairy Tales....Of course they come true.

Home for the day..Georgia is sick and I am sanitizing the house from top to bottom.

As I'm cleaning she is building a fort and says, "Mom, let's pretend that I'm the queen and you are my servant that is cleaning."

Oh goody. Seems like every other day of my life Georgia.

You see...we do live life in a Fairy Tale.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thought for the day.

My watch battery has been dead for some time now yet I'm legitimately wondering if the time & hassle it will take to have the battery replaced would be less than the time & less hassle to just buy a new watch? Or maybe I'll just continue to wear it every day and look at my phone for the time as I would regardless.