Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texas Renaissance Festival

Sunday Georgia and I went out to the Renaissance Festival- I have not been out there since I was 14 years old...It was a lot more fun than I remembered. Georgia was in shock- she had no idea what to expect. It's kinda normal for me to dig in her costume closet say "Here, put this on" pack a lunch sack and head off on a random adventure. We had tossed around going to the zoo earlier that morning but we can do that any day. Why not go the the Ren Fest? Plus I had that snazzy head band pictured below that I've yet to wear and I really needed an excuse to give it a first go round in public.

Moral of the story- never pass up the chance to take someone who has no clue what the Renaissance Festival is, much less what the Renaissance is. You will shock them.- The look on her face was pretty much priceless as she watched the shows and performers and well...people in general surround us. When she realized there were "real" Kings and Queens there she about died. The jousting...the blood splattering. Out. of. this. world. with. awe. One of our best adventures to date for sure.

Gypsies for the day. PS- could she be missing any more teeth??? 

Annnd this would be right before we danced to an accordion and fiddle in the middle of the courtyard randomly and I promptly twirled Georgia around and she fell into the mud. Oops. She was not too happy with me. That ended our dancing show. What can I say? We were trying to get into character...


Maybe this is why the teeth keep falling out of her head...the kid won't stop wiggling them!!!!!

A magical stroll in the "Magical Garden"
(not kidding this was the Magical Garden).....

Just a little jousting on a Sunday afternoon....

Swinging on the giant your $$$ it wasn't that fun. I know we really look like it's a blast but we are really good at posing.
Even Georgia agreed it wasn't that great and it was her idea.

Did I mention I'm a vegetarian??

But she isn't.

Obviously the trick to getting Georgia to eat is putting food on sticks. Why has it taken me 6 years to figure this out?!?!

Thus ends our Renaissance adventure. I think I'm going to have a history lesson now with her. It's times like these that I miss Encarta. Anyone?! Wikipedia just isn't the same....

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