Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'll never tire of the play on words.

"Mom- for April Fool's day I have a funny joke I'm going to play on my teacher."

"What's that?"

"Well- I'm going to take a cereal box to school but it won't be empty- it will be full! Then I'll give it to her and say "April Fool's"!! Won't that be funny?"

"Huh? That sounds cute but what do you mean? I don't understand the joke"

"MOM, The cereal box will be FULL- get it "April Full's" because it will be April Full's Day."

"Ooooh I see now. Yep. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of. You are pretty clever."

Nope sure didn't correct her. You can bet I'll be sending her with a full box of cereal on April "Full's" day too. I'm not hoarding this one to myself. ;)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chevron Houston Marathon 2014

One day post marathon.

Running a marathon wasn't ever on my "bucket list".

I hate running. Really. Then something happened a couple years ago and I became addicted. I realized I could run. I could run far and I could keep going when I wanted to quit. While I still didn't like it, somehow it became a competition within myself. It became therapy. It became a release.
See here: When I finally "got" it.

When I hurt my leg/ spine last year and couldn't run I realized how much I needed it. It drove me crazy to NOT run. Strange after all those years of loathing it.

I signed up for the Houston Marathon and the entire time wondered slightly what I was doing and why. I trained when I could- squeezing runs in after work before I picked up Georgia some nights. Other nights she went with me and I pushed her around in the stroller. Many times I just wasn't able to run. I ran every other weekend when she was at her Dad's house. I woke up at 5am most mornings to do core training at home so I wouldn't re-injure my leg and spine.

I was sick with a kidney infection last weekend and missed a pretty important weekend to run going into the marathon. Sunday when I finally felt somewhat human I forced myself to at least walk Memorial which was truly all I could do. :/

Running and finishing the Houston Marathon yesterday was a pretty overwhelming experience. At first I was doing much better than I expected pacing out at under 8:30 a mile. About half way through my paced slowed then around mile 20 I hit a "wall". Mile 23 I felt like I was dying. The last mile (which I thought I would be able to pull deep and race my way in) was the most miserable thing I've ever experienced. Well- actually mile 23 and 24 top the last mile.

I told my friends that I hope this is like child birth and the memory of how awful it was fades away so I'll want to do it again. Sure enough this morning I'm ready to do it again (of course after the soreness fades) but hey! At least I can walk today....and I've all ready found my next run. I'm addicted.

This would be the "wall" or Death by Running. Your pick.

The Medal! It's Official!

My Stats! Not too shabby for my first Marathon!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sick :(

I wasn't feeling quite up to par over the past weekend. Which is pretty unfortunate considering I have to run 26.2 miles next Sunday and was really counting on this weekend for some training time. Wish me luck...I guess.

My mom came over Friday night to help out because I was basically incapacitated. My dad had to drive me to the doctor from work Friday morning- it was that bad. She took Georgia to the store and usual they came back loaded down with sick food and gifts (flowers, chicken noodle soup, stuffed animals to keep me company, etc.) all picked out by Georgia herself.... oh wait, there is a King's Cake in my kitchen right now as well. Pretty sure Georgia slide that one in on the "Grandma's buy anything" tab as she begged me for it just a few days ago. (you can clearly see who has the restraint here) Apparently they even ran into a school mate whose mother got the run down (according to Georgia) of my ailments. Sounds like things get pretty crazy at the local Randall's on Friday nights....

I on the other hand felt as though I was knocking on death's door and could barely move to acknowledge the sweetness.

The next morning I was slowly functioning (able to move downstairs and stay awake for periods of time) when Georgia came up to me:

"Mom are you feeling better?"
"Yes, better than yesterday that's for sure."
"Good! That means God answered my prayers! I prayed you would be better today and he listened!"

She's kinda the best.