Monday, February 10, 2014

Pink, Pink, Pink

I loooove Valentine's Day. Not necessarily for all the oooey, gooey romantic stuff but for the gorgeous pink items displayed everywhere in the mall. It makes me want to dress up in shades of pink and purchase every pink accessory. It also jump starts my spring clothing obsession and lets me know it's time to put the riding boots away until next year.

Here is my V-Day wish list that I will treat myself to come Friday:

Ted Baker Tote
But which color?? Decisions, decisions. The Pink and Salmon one is perfect but I am drawn the the pink and black as well.

Ted Baker Clutch
It also comes in an adorable clutch.

Ted Baker Patent Clutch
And this one??? Perfection.

Gucci Pink Handbag
I can easily fall in love with this.

Louis Vuitton Alma in Indian Rose
True Love.

BCBG "True" Bracelet
Must go with this-
BCBG "Love" Bracelet

Kate Spade Watch
Did I mention the battery is still dead in my watch?

Pave Bracelet
Rose Gold Pave? Okay!

Cartier Pink Gold Love Bracelet
Well...clearly this made the list.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Making Time.

I stumbled across this blog this morning:
20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids

I have to say- it's one of the few "parenting" lists I whole heatedly agree with. While reading through it number 13 struck a chord with me especially.

"13. Saying I’m sorry. Because lets face it – I’m not perfect. I mess up. I make mistakes. So they need to hear me say I’m sorry and that I love them and that they’re important to me. So that means sometimes I will say I’m sorry."

I wonder how many of us forget we need to apologize to our children as well? Just last night as I was getting back home from a very long and honestly pretty rough day I stopped and apologized to Georgia. I had a lot on my mind all day long. Work has been hectic and honestly- some days just suck. I picked her up from ballet downtown. She wanted to eat there as we normally do but I felt as though I was loosing my mind and I needed to go get a work out in to clear my head. I bargained with her and we picked up food on the way. After the gym she kept trying to talk to me. My answers were one worded and short as my mind was full of other things haunting me. In the car on the way home from the gym she asked to listen to the "Frozen" soundtrack once again. "No, I just need 5 minutes". The car was quiet and she began to sing the songs from memory instead. Instead of rejoicing in her sweet voice I asked her to please stop. We arrived home and I began to make her another meal since she said she was still hungry.

In the midst of it all I knew I had been too short with her. I stopped what I was doing, walked into the living room, turned off the TV and bent down and talked with her. "I'm sorry Georgia. I'm sorry for being short with you and not answering all of your questions tonight. Sometimes Moms have tough days and today was one of those days but it has nothing to do with you. I love you and I'm sorry."

The kicker is my sweet girl whole heartedly loves and forgives me. Unconditional love. I truly understand now. Even though I don't deserve it I get a chance to be a better Mom today. Hopefully it's a life lesson for her as well- you will mess up, you will no do everything right but as long as you continue to try and realize when you have made a mistake I am pretty sure everything will end up okay.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day!!

As a Mommy that works full time I was incredibly blessed to have a couple "snow" days here in Texas the past couple of weeks. It was some much needed time to hang with Georgia, stay home and get things in order around here. I totally understand up north things are getting haywire and I'm sure some of you are feeling like you are locked down in the seemingly never ending snowstorm.

Here on the other hand...YAY! Love it! A couple of days to hang with G? I'll take it!

Moving on- this video has to be the cutest thing ever. I adore creative people. I miss the mark 90% of the time and wish I would have put more forethought into things. ;)

Principle Announces Snow Day!

It's a must see.