Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summa Summa Summertime!

It's one of my favorite times of the year...Summer!

The schedule changes, life doesn't feel so hectic anymore and although it's still tough to break away from the office I can sometimes do just that. In reality Summer doesn't really slow us down (much)... We still are going along at our fast pace and I'm still wondering why there are not more hours in the day to accomplish everything.

I wish I had time to do a run down of everything that has been going on... Here's a list of the highlights that I have yet to catch up on:

- Georgia's Dance Recital
- Georgia's 7th Birthday Party & Festivities Galore
- Birthday Trip to the Lake House
- Summer 2014 thus far

I'll come back and re-cap the other events later on- for now I'm skipping right into summer (naturally). This will actually encompass two of the above events! School ended and one of Georgia's gifts from Mommy was a trip:

"Anywhere you want to go Georgia! What about a trip to Chicago? The Original American Girl Doll store is there!!! SO much fun!"
"Yes- anywhere!"

And there you have it. There was no changing her mind- we were set on a birthday trip to Grandaddy's Lake House in Arkansas. Okay. Actually- not such a bad idea Georgia. School let out on a Wednesday and we popped in the car for our 9 hour trek to the lake. We ate, swam, explored, went out on the boat, saw some of the neighboring towns and dined on the river. Then we packed up and headed on back to Texas that Sunday.

Pretty much as soon as we arrived back home it was time for Georgia to begin her summer rotation between her Dad and I. While this isn't my favorite time of year in any way I suppose it is nice to be able to plan for more extended trips, etc. during our two week periods. We both normally schedule a barrage of summer camps for Georgia to attend to assist our work schedules. This year kicked off with a theater camp at Wildfish Theater. She attended for 2 weeks total (Monday - Friday) from 9 until 12pm. At the end of the two weeks (Thursday and Friday) the kids performed their production for family and friends to come see. If you break it down these kids only had 9 practices together prior to putting on a a fabulous production. I can't say enough about this theater. Georgia auditioned and scored a fairly big speaking role. When she took the stage and said her lines I was BLOWN away. I've always said she's a little dramatic, but really, this is the first activity she has participated in that just comes natural to her. It was amazing. Check out the video!

She had three performances total and right after her last performance Friday night we headed out to Galveston for a mini- getaway....Stay tuned for more :)