Thursday, August 28, 2014


Let's just get use to it.... There are a few "annual" posts here....

- Georgia's First Day of School
- Georgia's Last Day of School
- Birthday Month

Here we go....

Dear Georgia,
Welcome to 2nd Grade. I have to say- it's strange. Last year, honestly, was tough. I said I was
"ready" to be "The MOM" from birth to age 5 then I was lost....boy was I. At least I felt that way. First Grade was  a total transition for us (me) from baby to "child". I wasn't sure how to adjust. (I will tell you a little secret that I am still winging it.....just a tiny bit.) We closed out first grade and we had a fantastic summer filled with trips, friends & fun. It was the perfect "reset" button for you and I....and it brought us to the monumental FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Which is clearly celebrated every year with signs, an amazing breakfast and a fun walk into school (that you despise). Let's recap...shall we??

I woke you up Monday morning (ummm since when did school start on a Monday by the way...??) and you were tired. Of course. I was as well. BUT we were EXCITED about the FIRST day! Right?!?! OMG- SO MUCH TO DO!!! We had been shopping the weeks prior to school beginning- each and every trip left me with an armful of ugly clothing thinking "I'm just buying this to buy something..." and asking you, "Georgia, see anything you like?" "Uhhhh. This shirt?". yeah. no. So I relegated myself to online shopping and paid for rush delivery for your fall wardrobe. Funny trick they played was NOT DELIVERING UNTIL TUESDAY. Which is clearly your SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL. I didn't get the shipping update until the Friday prior...which meant, my dear, that we were in a rush. I found a couple throw down dresses for day one and day two but I will tell you right now- they WERE NOT "First Day Appropriate"...but they worked. (Thanks Janie & Jack for still having adorable and appropriate clothing even though she is seven)

Regardless...I woke you up, dressed you in a cute dress and we went to the vanity for hair. Ha! You decided not only was today the first day of second grade but also the day to break your mother's heart. "Not a bow today Mom." Huh?? Wait, What? "No, Mom, No Bows." Geeze were you adamant. Fine, G, no bows, whatever. It's YOUR day after all.

Look- I will tell you now (because you don't read this and hopefully by the time you do you understand) BUT you are a little girl and my daughter.....please don't ever give me the double whammy again. Georgia, I'm going to be honest- First day of school (at least from 7am until 8am) is not your's mine. I hope you realize what I gave you that day. ;)

(to clear up anything- I'm totally kidding with my last statement above...)

You have grown. Your friend way back from preschool is in your class this year which takes me back to when to when you were that little. It makes me sad we are at the point of really not keeping in touch with those friends anymore simply because we have all grown in separate ways.

You are really insistent these days to me- for instance...for the longest time I have impressed upon you "pink" and "girly" items. You are absolutely amendment you like blue now. I let you pick out your own back pack & lunch kit this year and did not sway you in any way. (it's BLUE by the way). Certain things though (being called "Princess" for example...) you pretend you hate but I know you adore it deep down.

Regardless, my Georgia, I love you. I pride myself in recalling every important moment of your life.  Much a reason why I keep track of your life (our life) together. Lucky me that no one else has these moments with you. Is that selfish? Maybe... but sometimes as your Mom I get to be selfish.

We packed up that morning and headed to school. You are at a temporary campus this year since they are re-building your elementary this year so things are different. The school wants all the kids to ride the bus (uhhhh negative.) I will still drive you every morning and pick you up every afternoon. I walked you in and you were slightly mortified I was standing there still taking pictures while you found your desk and settled in. Not sure why you aren't use to this by now. I kissed you goodbye and was off. As I left your classroom it hit me this was the third year in a row I had dropped you off at elementary school. The tears I thought would not come this year began to fill my eyes as I felt so sad about you growing up so much. Don't get me wrong- I do love to see you grow and is truly amazing. I think I will just always miss the little girl that you once were at every moment of your life.

I made it to the car- Then I cried.
Maybe next year.
Maybe not.
Maybe it's just part of being your Mom and I'm absolutely okay with that.

I have a feeling this is going to be your best year yet and I can't wait to see what second grade holds!
Love you more,

PS- Your clothes finally came in and naturally they nailed it. I'll make sure to get it together next year ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Lust List

Thus far Summer 2014 has been filled with "Georgia"- Now Mommy's vacation is quickly approaching...wheels up on Friday and I cannot wait to get a break from Houston. What happened to my "Once a Month" rule of leaving this place?

In preparation of any vacation I always begin slowly as I did with this one:
"Hmmm, I think I have almost everything I need. Maybe one new dress for Friday night..."

Sure enough a manic need takes over and an entire new wardrobe and then some has appeared in my (*cough, *cough) new luggage that was also deemed appropriate to purchase for this particular get-away. It was time to replace the old stuff anyway- Don't judge.
In my haste of ordering, shipping, shopping, etc. I've put together a new "Lust List" of items (old and new) that I want, need or recently purchased for said get- away....

1. Luli Fama Bikini- I've had a few of their cover-ups (the romper style) for a few years now and always receive tons of compliments on it anywhere I go. I just purchased a couple bikinis for this weekend and I'm drooling over them. Can't spoil my picks but peruse the website here and choose for yourself:
I will say- I have looked at these online and was not impressed. It is definitely worth it to go into the store to try them on- the fit, etc. is amazing. I'm sold (x2)!

2. Sephora- "Gimme Brow"- This stuff is amazing. A friend of mine did a write up on her blog about Benefit's "Gimme Brow" at the perfect time for me to stumble upon and read up. She raved so I ran out as fast as I could and picked up a tube. LOVE at first swipe.

3. Lululemon Speed Shorts- The most comfortable running shorts EVER. I think I picked up my first pair last summer in the midst of marathon training and I pretty much made the decision then to not wear anything else. They don't move. No riding up, no falling down. You can actually just run and not worry about your shorts riding up into places you don't want them to go. What a novel idea!

4. NARS Blush/ Bronzer Duo @ Sephora- Speaking of things I can't live without (like shorts that don't ride up) NARS's Blush/ Bronzer duo in Sin/ Casino is on that list. Just another one to share :)

5. Ruthie Davis Emilie Studded Sandals- Every so often one accidentally wears out a pair of her favorite gold shoes and then must hunt down a similar pair to replace. This can be a grueling process because most of the time the particular shoe you were so in love with had something to it that just *went* with everything. I think I've found my gold shoe replacement.
To be put on the "Lust List" for now and added to the collection post vacation ;)

6. YSL Tribute Two Pumps- Another to add to the list. Clearly I need an entire new shoe upgrade across the board.

7. Chanel Shopping Bag- Do I really need to give an explanation on this?

8. Gucci Shades- Time to be an adult and trust myself again with sunglasses that don't come from Target. Georgia isn't into smashing them anymore so the only person I have to worry about is myself...These are so pretty I think I can manage to keep them intact.

9.  Cartier Love Bracelet- A repeat offender on the "list". One day....

10. Watch Mania- So many to choose from:
Cartier Ballon
Michael Kors Bailey
Michael Kors Darcy

Now off to the mall again to make sure I have everything I need. Next up Georgia's fall clothing spree...I almost look forward to this every year more than mine ;) Can't wait for her to come back from her vacation and she and I to get down to business!