Friday, November 14, 2014

Catching Up

Once again....This month has been BUSY! Buuut SO much fun!

A while back while planning out fall/ winter schedules we decided to plan a trip to SeaWorld to celebrate Hudson's birthday mid month. Lucky for me I had Georgia for basically all of October. We booked the trip back in June and have waited forever to surprise a very excited Birthday Boy. I had slipped and told Georgia what we were doing and I have to give her credit for not saying a word. Although she could barely contain herself as soon as we got into the car and on our way from blurting it out immediately. ;)

To re-cap the past couple of months.... We celebrated Lee's 1/2 bday, the LSU game (as seen in previous post), Georgia cheered at the football game, went to a Texan's game, celebrated MY half birthday ;), hit up the Greek Festival & Dewberry Farm, Decorated for Halloween, Baked Cookies, I went to a few events around town, had Hudson's birthday weekend which started off with Lee's parent's coming in town, bowling, soccer games, a "Skylander's" birthday party at the house with everyone and the trip to SeaWorld. (Oh and TONS of presents...)

Georgia helped ice...her portion "LSU"

Texan's Game!

Georgia Cheers at Stratford Homecoming....

Dewberry Farm with my girl :)

Greek Fest- the kids were around somewhere...

Culture Map's 5 Year Birthday Party!

Hudson's Skylander Birthday Party!


Georgia and I picking many to choose from!

Pumpkin Carving Party

Halloween montage for Georgia- Lucky me to celebrate all these year with her :)

This year's costume- "Black Widow"

She talked EVERYONE into being Avenger's characters.

Trick or Treating in the 'hood

Had to pop over to Trick or Treat at Memaw & Papa's at the end of the night.

Costume Class at Dance for Georgia!

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  1. so many pictures, but are someones hands coming out of the birthday boys head?