Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Will you...?

How can I say "No"? Wouldn't dream of having it any other way... :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Season of "Seasons"!!

It's February!!! I suppose it's time I take a moment to give a super quick run down of the holidays and that will come shortly.... But first, can I say how EXCITED I am that February kicks of the season of my "Seasons"?! Yep- First up is our all time favorite- Rodeo Season. :) My mom recently said to me, "Don't worry- it's almost Rodeo Season and you know that always cheers you up!" You know me all to well mother... ALL too well. On top of that (after last year) pretty sure it's Georgia's favorite season as well. Only Mommy will have to hook it up again this year because Miss Priss asked, "We get to go back in the suites this year right? The one with the Ice Cream carts??" In fact...any time we go to the stadium the child thinks we are going up to the suites. Can't say I'm going to hold that against her...she lives the life ;)

Naturally, Rodeo kicks off with the BEST weekend ever. Cook off weekend. What else is so great about cook off weekend? It ushers you into none other than Birthday Month. You may have thought last year was a little overboard. I know many of you were glad when April rolled around and ended the never ending celebrations but I'm here to tell you today, have no fear...this year Birthday Month is now to be referred to as "Birthday Season". Self declared, naturally. I am encompassing the month of February and the month of April as the mandatory "Melanie turns 30 Birthday Season"! SO much is already in the works. From here on out candles and dessert at every restaurant. I will have the "list" posted soon for those of you (mom) who pay attention. Kinda irritated there are still roll overs on there from years past. Why hasn't anyone purchased a small horse (dog) for me yet? And the new house? AND all that furniture?? I did take it upon myself to begin that Pinterest project....yes...*begin*...

Moving right along- recap of Christmas (pictures later because I'm being lazy)..
Second to Birthday Season (which includes Rodeo)  my other fav is Christmas. I mean...whose isn't?! I don't know where I really want to begin with all of this... I have no idea (because, again, too lazy to look if I updated on Thanksgiving...so maybe there?!)

Thanksgiving (briefly) was amazing. Lee made it clear earlier in the year that he would really like to (read- we are going) go to the A&M/ LSU football game being played Thanksgiving night in College Station. Hmmm- this didn't fall into plans of Thanksgiving in Arkansas but we improvised. My Dad ended up flying up to the Lake House with Georgia and Lee and I have a couple "adult" nights...my friends, with 3 kids, on opposite schedules this was quite the blessing as we originally thought our only night without kids was Labor Day weekend and we didn't have another "free" night until 12/28. Uh huh- 9/1- 12/28. Date nights are hard to come by in these parts ;) But we wouldn't have it any other way. Moving on he surprised me with a "stay-cation" here in town and we had date night every night (for 2 nights). Took FULL advantage ;) THEN we went to the game and made the trek to Arkansas for a day late Thanksgiving feast. All was good- except Mr. Loyd says we will be flying next time. Come to find out (already knew...) this guy is not one for road trips. On the flip side...put me in the car for 12 hours with Billy Joel & Mariah Carey and I'm in heaven.

Came home and hit the ground running. Christmas is quite the event if you are part of my family and holy moly was it this year. First weekend of December I was sick. All I recall was demanding from the couch in my illness that a fire be started and where to hang garland. At the end of the day the garland was hung... and a candle lit and place in front of the fireplace because someone doesn't know how to light it (Wait, what?!?! You have a fire place but have never lit it? How on earth can I be in your presence??)

Second weekend Miss Georgia Clare performed in her play performance. Never been prouder of her than when I watch her little acting debuts. She blows me away every time.

Third weekend- dun, dun, dun..... Packed up the kids for a weekend get away/ end of school vacuum to the Gaylord Texas. Never been? You must! It was amazing. Kids had a blast and we went back home and fell right into Christmas week- which included Lee's parent's coming into town, Lee & I Christmas shopping every night until midnight. Lots of food, not a lot of sleep and all the many, many, MANY Christmas celebrations that come with being a "Mabry". The Loyd's were inducted this year and everyone truly did enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Directly after Christmas (no- really, the next day) we began Davis's 4th birthday celebrations. I, for the record, have never envied anyone having a December bday period. Still do not. Davis turned 4 on 12/28. THREE DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS!! Clearly, by now, you know my obsession with birthday's and I was NOT going to let his blur into Christmas. Cake making/ shopping, Top Golf, Family bday party, Decorations, presents, etc. We pulled it off..... then I took a nap ;)

New Years Eve- The night, one year ago, that Lee and I were "introduced". This night held a special place for us both on reflecting on where we were then and where we are now. It's been quite the ride but I can honestly say.....sometimes- when you least expect it, everything just falls into place. We spent the evening alone together at the same restaurant where he FINALLY asked me to be "exclusive" with him ;) and then the rest of the evening being happy to be with each other & friends. Nothing comes close in my opinion.

There is your run down.
Love this life I have.
How lucky am I?

Wait, what?! (classic saying at this point) - "luck" has nothing to do with it. Standing up for myself and my daughter and creating a life I love is what it is all about. What it's always been about. "The Making of Melanie"....still in progress but....  "everyday is a winding road, I get a little bit closer... Everyday is a faded sign, I get a little bit closer to feeling fine..."

I know- the lamest. :) Getting back to my loves. Night night!