Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Georgia Turns EIGHT!!

Say it isn't so!! Georgia is EIGHT!!
I think I'm just in shock. I cannot believe it.

In planning Miss G's birthday we had a chat. As with the last 2 years I offered a trip- "Do you want to go to Chicago?? We can see the first American Girl doll store I told you about last year!?, San Fransisco, Florida???" A couple years ago I decided I really liked the idea of trips for birthday's, Christmas, etc. (i.e. Ski Trip 2014) rather than spending money on toys and games that come and go. The memories you make off of a trip last forever. (Georgia isn't on board with this idea just yet it seems...) Just like last year, Georgia wanted a party with her friends- so we did. "What theme would you like, what kind of party?" She said she and some gals at school had put quite bit of thought into this and she would like a "Star Wars Pool Party". Dun. Dun. Dun....


Okay, Georgia. "Star Wars Pool Party" it is.

Give me a theme- (it may take a minute) but I will rally and Georgia will have the best "Star Wars" theme party you have ever seen.

In our location planning (since Georgia wanted to invite the ENTIRE 2nd grade class at RCE) we decided our neighborhood pool would be best over Westside this year due to the fact we could have an unlimited number of guests. Plus- why can't I throw a nice, easy, birthday party without intense work involved and planning for days? A little pool party between 2-4 would be easy! Swim, cake, we are done.

Hahaha.... Must have forgot I was "me". And also that I Pinterest. (we have a love/ hate relationship)

Party Favors..
Isn't this the first step of party planning?!?! Not a fan of goodie bags. They suck. Biggest waste of money I've ever seen in my life. PLUS I feel incredibly guilty for throwing away any piece of a goody bag Georgia comes home with from other parties. Look Moms, I know you tried, I try! You cannot put stuff in there that every parent doesn't want to throw in the trash, and we all know how much you spend putting said goodie bags together. Umm, It's not cheap to put a bunch of crud in a bag to pass out to friends. Therefore, every year I spend the goodie bag "budget" on one item that may be cooler than usual, or at least MIGHT get re-used by our party guests. This year- we turned pool noodles into Light Sabers. Not only was the 8 year old sect ecstatic they *actually* got to use those things as "swords"... They got to take them home as well. (Credit, My Mom and Emery for making these up to code and as rue to a real light saber as possible.)

BUT- you know me... Those light sabers just weren't enough to send our guests home with! (i.e. I got on Pinterest....Seriously- someone shut down my account.) I saw this SUPER cute R2D2 Craft someone made and bagged out of foam pieces to make R2D2. Uh...I can totally do that! AND surely Hobby Lobby will have SOME pre-cut circle foam pieces, etc. 

No....They didn't, and by this time I was fully committed. No problem. They did have the foam sheets, and double sided sticky paper and I had a craft! Time... not so much, but I was going to do this! Countless Hours and hundreds of tiny foam pieces, goodies for Georgia's friends- Done! (Hours, days, a few people bribed to help me later...)

Again, I told myself, "Make this easy! Just have cake!" ha. ha. ha.
This is what happened:

If you happened to talk to Georgia this week she couldn't get "Obi-Wan-Ka-Bob-Ies" out without dying from laughter. ;) She thought it was hilarious! 

And Then- The Party...
Party day arrived. So did the Houston rain. The party was scheduled to begin at 2pm. At 1pm the water began to fall from the sky. We held steady. No lightening, no thunder. At 2pm it was still quite drizzly, but nothing to stop about 25 eight year olds from jumping in the pool and having the time of their lives. This became one of my favorite parties to date. Georgia was SO into the "theme" and loved every minute. We had a blast and quite the turn out considering the rain. Thanks to all that came to celebrate- I surely hope you enjoyed as much as Miss G did!

And THAT is how you have a Star Wars Birthday Pool Party (in the rain). Actually turned out pretty perfect. Georgia and her friends ended up with a private pool and the other parents and I did not melt in the heat. Win for all! Turning "8" did not begin or end here though... Stay tuned for the rest of Georgia's Birthday weekend. Eight is looking to be pretty darn amazing. ;)

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