Thursday, October 27, 2016

Proud Mommy Moment

Georgia was chosen as 'Star of the Week' at Rummel Creek last week. Little did I know, part of being chosen for this included the teacher having each and every one of her classmates write her letters. They came home two days ago and WOW! I have to say I had just as much fun reading these sweet letters her classmates wrote Georgia as she did. I think I felt just as proud. For different reasons, obviously... who doesn't love to read glowing praises of their child.

Georgia has struggled a bit academically (math has been a really hard subject) so for her to be able to read that almost every single student that wrote her a letter considers her "smart" or "great at math/ reading" was such a great validation for her working so hard and wonderful encouragement to keep it up!

Some of my favorite lines I will share with you:

"You are so good in math. I don't even know how you're getting so good in school but whatever you're doing keep doing it because it's working!"- Cameron

"I like you because of your kindness, responsibility, bravery and because you're very trustworthy. I know you are trustworthy because once you helped me boost my confidence."- Olivia

"You are always nice to me when I need it. i think you are the kindest person I've met til now."- Roham

"You make good friends and you laugh a lot. You're also a very good leader and good at school. You are smart and do well in work. You think before you act."- Lincoln

"You're really good at reading because you have read almost the whole Harry Potter series. You're also really good at math."- Luke

"You are really smart. You're such an amazing friend."- Michael

"It was so nice of you when I was new to be my friend and show my your friends too."- Sydney

"You are cool because you are named after a state."- Brian

"You can always make someone else's day. You are the best friend anyone can ever ask for. You can always be happy even when someone brings you down."- Rylee

"I like that you are nice to everyone"- Quinton

"I think you will be top reader again this week. I say, you are great at math."- Lauren

"You are SO caring, smart, happy and always super nice. Thank you for doing nice things for me. It's so nice to give me led for my pencils."- Lucas

"You are sweet and kind and a great friend to have. I think you are really smart. You always put others first and thats the right thing to do."- Hallie

What a great start to 4th grade! She is rocking her grades but more importantly reading these sweet notes of how she treats others makes my heart swell. I suppose as a parent you can always teach academics with hard work.... I think it's harder to teach how to be a good friend and a good person. I'm going to just take a "mom" moment and be so proud of this little lady I have. I'm SO proud of her and cannot wait to see what this year holds for her. She amazes me every single day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Sometimes things just happen. I haven't kept up with this blog. For various reasons- time & privacy may top the list if asked. Regardless, it makes me sad that I haven't blogged about Georgia's 9th birthday or her start to 4th grade. Nor have I informed you of Hudson starting 3rd and sweet Davis starting Kindergarten. Instead, I've held these memories privately. Maybe one day we can all catch up.

Right now, sitting here at night, while I wait on my husband to finish his shower so we can watch T.V. together... I'm just happy. For some reason when everything is upside down- things feel *right*.

Our children are sleeping upstairs, a man that absolutely adores me (and I him) will be back to sit at my side shortly. What more could I want?

With all the ups and downs I am grateful. God has always had a plan of my life. I haven't been able to see it so many times. Yet nights like tonight, the simplest of nights, make me get 'it'. This is a tiny glance at what God has in store for my family and I. Happiness.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"Let's Go"

I married the best man.

Let me explain (if you need explanation...) I'm a "do'er. I like to go and do things. I enjoy having a whim and DOING it. Meaning... for years Georgia and I would go to dinner, I would have a whim and we would end up eating ice cream and having a swing race contest at Memorial Park to see who could go the highest. Yes, I love to plan, and enjoy having a schedule (Georgia has always thrived on this) but sometimes you just have to go.

Many weekends we would run up to Austin to hang out with my best friend and her son because we had no other plans and "why not?". One of my favorite phrases of my adult life has become "why not?". I think I've wrote of this before but when you stop telling yourself all the reasons NOT to do something and begin to list the reasons why you should or just simply ask yourself, 'Why not?' an entire new world will open for you. I promise.

I have to say, I often wondered if another person would ever put up with this. Running off on whims at random times, coming up with actives to do that aren't planned or on schedule. Impromptu expeditions if you will.

I had come up with the idea about a month ago. I saw a post about giant inflatable rabbits in downtown Houston. I thought to myself, "This is a must! We must have a picture with this!" and then I thought about the right time to go..... I found myself on a Saturday night when it began to rain, it happened to be the last night the rabbits would ever grace the streets of Houston. I considered the fact that most people may scrap the idea right then and there. I told Lee and Georgia to get dressed that I had an adventure planned. "Georgia, put on this bunny shirt, don't ask questions....It's a surprise!"  Let's be honest here... I half way thought Lee would tell me I was crazy and the rabbits wouldn't be there, the streets may flood, etc. ;) Lee finally pulled me to the side an asked me what it was all about, whispering of course, and I told him. Do you know what my amazing husband said? "Let's go". Just like that. Sure, he thought it was a shot in the dark and who knew what we would encounter but he said, "Let's go".

So we went. We arrived and naturally (due to the rain) the bunnies were down. BUT! They had one blown up inside of the lobby of a building downtown. We parked and made our way through the rain to take a zillion photos and selfies with the rabbit. A rainy Saturday night with nothing on the books and we turned it into something I will always remember.

I'm grateful to have a husband that will 'go'. That easily could have thrown out a million excuses to that (and other ideas I have) but doesn't. He says, "Let's go" and I'm forever thankful.

So many things we take for granted some times. I've always wanted to be the parent that 'does'. The mom that swims with her kids, dives in the ocean, is the only one at Sky High with a jump pass for herself ;). I LOVE being a mom because I get to interact with my children, I get to PLAY with them and that, for me is one of the best parts of parenting. Now, I'm married to a man that I don't have to ask "Are you going to put your bathing suit on?" because he is already dressed for the pool. "Do you want to get in the ocean?" never crosses my mouth because he beats me to the waves. "Let's build a fort", "Down for a light saber fight?", "A little game of hide and go seek?", "Do you want to have a pillow fight?" Those aren't questions in my house, it's basically just the way things are, and I'm so very thankful my husband leads the way to a life I've always dreamed of.

Thanks babe, for go-ing with me. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hell Hath No Fury....

Since our kids have to ride in the back seat until they are basically 25 the elevator button took on ALL of the "calling the front seat" fury and then some. 5 months ago we almost didn't make it out of Disney alive because of this.