Thursday, October 27, 2016

Proud Mommy Moment

Georgia was chosen as 'Star of the Week' at Rummel Creek last week. Little did I know, part of being chosen for this included the teacher having each and every one of her classmates write her letters. They came home two days ago and WOW! I have to say I had just as much fun reading these sweet letters her classmates wrote Georgia as she did. I think I felt just as proud. For different reasons, obviously... who doesn't love to read glowing praises of their child.

Georgia has struggled a bit academically (math has been a really hard subject) so for her to be able to read that almost every single student that wrote her a letter considers her "smart" or "great at math/ reading" was such a great validation for her working so hard and wonderful encouragement to keep it up!

Some of my favorite lines I will share with you:

"You are so good in math. I don't even know how you're getting so good in school but whatever you're doing keep doing it because it's working!"- Cameron

"I like you because of your kindness, responsibility, bravery and because you're very trustworthy. I know you are trustworthy because once you helped me boost my confidence."- Olivia

"You are always nice to me when I need it. i think you are the kindest person I've met til now."- Roham

"You make good friends and you laugh a lot. You're also a very good leader and good at school. You are smart and do well in work. You think before you act."- Lincoln

"You're really good at reading because you have read almost the whole Harry Potter series. You're also really good at math."- Luke

"You are really smart. You're such an amazing friend."- Michael

"It was so nice of you when I was new to be my friend and show my your friends too."- Sydney

"You are cool because you are named after a state."- Brian

"You can always make someone else's day. You are the best friend anyone can ever ask for. You can always be happy even when someone brings you down."- Rylee

"I like that you are nice to everyone"- Quinton

"I think you will be top reader again this week. I say, you are great at math."- Lauren

"You are SO caring, smart, happy and always super nice. Thank you for doing nice things for me. It's so nice to give me led for my pencils."- Lucas

"You are sweet and kind and a great friend to have. I think you are really smart. You always put others first and thats the right thing to do."- Hallie

What a great start to 4th grade! She is rocking her grades but more importantly reading these sweet notes of how she treats others makes my heart swell. I suppose as a parent you can always teach academics with hard work.... I think it's harder to teach how to be a good friend and a good person. I'm going to just take a "mom" moment and be so proud of this little lady I have. I'm SO proud of her and cannot wait to see what this year holds for her. She amazes me every single day.

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