Thursday, February 21, 2013

Here we go!

I have been out of it this week. I ran all through the weekend so I don't feel too terrible about not hitting the park or gym at all this week. Yikes. I head out of town today and wanted to have some time to hang out with Georgia that wasn't rushed- which we did. I always hate leaving her even though I know she is going to have a blast with everyone while I'm away.

When we left this morning she asked me, "Mommy why did you want to leave me?"

Way to rip my heart out! "No Georgia!! I don't WANT to leave you...." and I dive into a HUGE explanation.

"Mom, I mean where are you going- I just wanted to be able to tell everyone where you went..."


Talk about mommy guilt. She could care less. (Not really, but seriously a weekend with grandparents and cousins IS pretty enticing!)

Other exciting events...She is FINALLY swinging on her own. This is a HUGE accomplishment. The same day she began to ride her bike without needing "a little push" as well. I was blown away. It may have been the fact I finally had our neighbor pump up her bike tires therefore making it easier for her to ride. But maybe not. ;)

And the big one- READING. yippee!!! I started reading to her last night before bedtime and on about the second page she said, "I'll read this page" Honestly- I was absolutely exhausted last night so I handed over the book expecting her to pick up a few words here and there and make up the rest from the pictures. So technically I wasn't paying super close attention to what she was doing until I realized she was actually sounding out the words and really reading! Holy moly! After she read two pages she turned to me with her face literally glowing, "Mommy!! I CAN do this! I will learn to read!!". So precious! We have a reading chart and she has been promised the new Girl of the Year doll if she can fill it with 5 stickers. This was the hardest book she has read to date and what I would consider to be a "real" book.

Now if we could only make it through a meal without me feeding her I think we will be set.

Okay- last thing I will leave you with...Georgia and I driving home Sunday night:

"Mom- look at that cute guy over there... I think he is looking at you."
"Ummm Georgia...that guy is a bum he wants me to give him money."
"Well.....he's still cute."

Seriously Georgia?!?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Georgia Funny

Georgia- "Mom, I have to go to the bathroom- when the show comes back on pause it okay?"

Me- "Sure thing"

(The show comes back on before she has left the room and I pause it as it starts. Georgia is hesitating by the doorway to make sure I haven't screwed up)

Me- "See- there, paused. Now go to the bathroom before you wet your pants!"

Georgia- "Good job Mom. You get a star."

Me- "Thanks"

Georgia- "If you get THREE stars I will give you a prize"

She goes to the bathroom and I hand her the remote when she walks back in. Instead of taking it she smiles and looks at me.

Me- "Do you want me to push play?"

She nods- I push play.

Georgia- "Mommmm- you get a SECOND star!!!! Good job! Only ONE MORE star to go."