Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tell me my fortune.

So I went to a fortune teller.

Yup. I did it. Honestly I have been intrigued in this for ages but was always scared to do it. Maybe I didn't want to know what happened next because let's face it- things were pretty crappy as is. Not to get all crazy on you but I did not give this person really any info and yet she picked up on a LOT. Here's the thing- regardless of if this stuff is legit or not a few things she said stuck with me. She said that she felt the past few years had been really hard and trying for me but that I should know the worst part was over. Life was never going to be like that again. I was almost at the end of the most trying times in my life.

When you are going through a fire you just live it. You don't stand around going "Whoa- life sucks right now and I'm super stressed". Okay- maybe I would say that occasionally but I tried to just go on day to day and make it. Honestly though- I had more days where I was just happy and that was my norm than days where I thought "Hey. This is hard." I think because I knew this was this right path for me. It's only when I look back and think I realize how tough it really has been. Just to hear someone say to me "Hey- it's almost OVER" lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I looked at her strangely and the next few days took a step back and recounted my life the past few years.

Wow. It's almost over. The fire did not consumer me- in turn I became the fire. I took on a situation I never imagine and I've conquered it. I love my life. I love what I have made of it. I began this blog as a spin off of "The Bedre Family" which began to keep track of Georgia. Along the way things fell apart and now they have fallen back together (Is it okay to say that now???) Wait- strike that. Nothing "fell" back together. I put it back together better than before.

I don't think I needed a "fortune teller" to tell me this. I knew- I think everyone knows. The amount of friends and family that come to me and say "Melanie- you just look so happy these days" "We finally see that smile we thought we would never see again- you know? The real one?" lets me know that I've made it. I'm where I need to be. Y'all..I think I'm there. I may have completed the "Making of Melanie" after all. ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's that time again!

Time for the Birthday List!

Friendly reminder of last year's list can be found HERE.
And who could forget my Golden Birthday list?

To recap:
- I still do not have an outdoor gazebo so we are going to go ahead and roll that one over to this year.

- I began that little Pinterest painting project all on my own and I am 1/2 way through. It now sits fully stenciled in and has 2 of the 5 million words painted it. It's really coming along.... We can check that off. #NailedIt

- Patio Furniture. Yep, done. Okay maybe I still need a table or something but the sectional thing is covered.

- Celine bag. I'm just going to break down this year and do this. Ridiculous it hasn't happened yet. Although they did slightly change the style so maybe I'm glad I waited.

- Great Dane, Dakota still wish I would have become the owner of that sweet pup. Instead we have Sir Winston. Oh we love him all right but there is still something intriguing about owning a tiny horse that lives inside....

Now for this year. Drum roll please....
1. A New Bed
Yep I still am in lust over this jewel I've wanted for the past 4 years:

But I may switch over to this one??
I basically threw my bedroom together last time I bought furniture because I was furnishing an entire house so it's time to finally buy what I want. I need a room redecoration.

2. The Gazebo (See Above)

3. One of those big Desktop Computer things for Georgia to do homework on- the laptop isn't cutting it.

4. Kitchen Remodel
Just had a contractor out to take a look and tell me what it would take. It is driving me insane....I think it should be a fairly easy fix to get it where I want it to be.

5. A New House.
I think I want to go house shopping. I have a list of reasons why (Dad don't freak out- we will chat at lunch soon- it's actually completely reasonable. Promise.) Plus the kitchen remodel will fit in nicely with the sell of the current abode.

Check your e-mail for the full excell sheet ;)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Slowing it down.

That's a joke. I keep thinking surely things will slow down and life will cease to be so crazy and full of things to do buuuut who am I kidding? Everything has been going at 150MPH around here lately I'm not really quite sure where to begin on an update.

Let's give a quick run down and maybe later this week I can provide a more in depth account.

Georgia's Christmas list was "A real live horse and snow" yep- that was all I had to work with. So Santa brought her horseback riding lessons and a ski trip to Colorado because he couldn't bring snow to Texas. Some of my great friends went along with us for a fantastic few days in Breckenridge. Georgia took on the slopes and was AWESOME. Funny story of the trip- I went to pick her up from day 1 of ski school and she was SO excited she started yelling out at me from her group telling me all about her day. I was staring at her in amazement because her hair was a disaster- literally all over the place like I've never seen before. They had set her up with her equipment (and helmet) after I dropped her off that morning. "Oh!", she said, "I had to take the rubber band out of my hair because it hurt when they put the helmet on!!!" I walked up to check her out with the instructor and said "I'm here for Georgia" his response???
"Oh! Crazy Hair Georgia!!!!"
Yes THAT is what they called my daughter. I immediately swooped the hair up into a topknot and we fashioned a more helmet friendly hairstyle for day two. ;)

Unfortunately I came down with a cold right before the trip which was a HUGE bummer. I felt pretty much awful the entire time. To the point that I took a 1/2 day off of skiing the first day which is super uncommon for me to do. Georgia then got sick the morning of our departure and began a puke fest all the way to the airport. Our return to Houston was pretty miserable and included a late night hose down of a car seat then the rest of the week she and I struggled to get back to feeling normal. The trip though- SUCCESS!

That weekend was my best friend from high school- Kristina's wedding. I spent the weekend in League City with her and was a part of their gorgeous wedding. So surreal to see her get married! One of those people that has always been there and I know always will be!

My Great Aunt passed away that Monday and while we are all happy she is in a better place it is still sad to have people pass on. She was 90 years old and quite the spit fire. We will definitely miss her presence at family get togethers.

That week began the non-stop ride of Rodeo events. I joined Janae at the Mutton Bustin Appreciation Committee Meeting Thursday night and we went to cookoff together afterward. Friday I had Aunt Ruby's funeral then drove to Galveston for Tillman and Paige Fertitta's 18th Annual San Luis Salute Mardi Gras Ball, Saturday back in Houston and cookoff with the girls. Saturday also brought us into a new and fantastic time of year....Birthday Month!

Rodeo began last Tuesday and thus far I think Georgia and I have been every night but one. I just can't help it- I have such great memories of Rodeo from growing up and my grandmother taking me all the time I just have to go. Georgia loves it! We have been able to see some great entertainers and several of our friends take on the Mutton Bustin in the Stadium! So much fun!

Best quote from Georgia last night at the Rodeo, "My boots definitely need to be cleaned."

***Disclaimer*** Pictures to be added later***